Second Amendment Censorship

By Glenn Harlan Reynolds. Nov 29, 2021

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the Biden administration's desire for speech restrictions from Big Tech "our asks" last July, tremors shook the foundation of the First Amendment so hard they reverberated all the way to the Second.

Gun owners are already acutely aware that Facebook, Twitter and other Big Tech companies censor, demonetize and outright ban a lot of firearm-related content. It also isn't a secret that President Joe Biden (D) and his administration want a long list of gun-control laws, gun bans and more sent to his desk. So the notion that this administration could pressure—or, as Psaki says, "ask"—Big Tech to help them control the conversation about the Second Amendment in order to sway public opinion is worrying.

When speaking specifically about Facebook on July 15, Psaki said, "[I]t's important to take faster action against harmful posts. As you all know, information travels quite quickly on social-media platforms; sometimes it's not accurate. And Facebook needs to move more quickly to remove harmful, violative posts—posts that will be within their policies for removal often remain up for days. That's too long. The information spreads too quickly.

"Finally, we have proposed they promote quality information sources in their feed algorithm. Facebook has repeatedly shown that they have the levers to promote quality information ... . So, these are certainly the proposals. We engage with them regularly and they certainly understand what our asks are."

So then, we must ask, is the Biden administration privately "asking" Facebook and other Big Tech companies to remove pro-Second Amendment content it thinks is "harmful" to its preferred politics? .....

The media in general ('MSM' and social) has much to answer for - whether it's political bias or censorship of Bill of Rights matters - all the while choosing what it decides is 'misinformation' to suit an agenda. Pro 2A material usually gets conveniently ignored while anti-gun reporting gets full exposure and promotion.


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