Who is The Personal Protection
Therapist in Your Life?

By William Barclay Masterson. Dec 10, 2021

I'm a retired therapist. My job in a simplistic nutshell, was to merge knowledge with insightful wisdom, by skillfully saying things to dramatically impart a series of therapeutic messages, that would encourage the transformation of a person for some noble purpose. I wanted my many clients to be able to cognitively and behaviorally arrive safely and resourcefully at their many future destinations in their unique lives. In one word, I taught them … "readiness."

Sam Rosenberg consults all over the world as a firearms and self-defense trainer, teacher, speaker, close protection specialist, security expert for individuals and business, and bodyguard to famous celebrities and heads of state. I've just had the pleasure of reading about his "elephant, mouse, and sheep."

Now I know Sam is not technically a therapist, but I honestly think this trilogy of short blog posts, plus all his considerable life's work, more than qualifies him as a (my title) "Personal Protection Therapist!" The wisdom he teaches to his readers, students, and clients is only exceeded by the unknowable number of actual lives he has directly and indirectly saved for decades! It is incalculable.

Sam may actually be affecting eternity. Because of his many teachings, skills, and techniques, who can possibly know how many lives he has saved or will save in the future. .....


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