NJ's Latest Anti Gun
'Catch All' Scheme

By Alex "Alejandro" Roubian. Dec 10, 2021

Alejandro Roubian, NJ2AS President and Managing Editor, recently received information from a Trenton insider that proposed legislation will make the “gun industry” accountable for “crime guns” under public nuisance laws.

Unsure of the validity, we waited to confirm this tip. At this time, NJ2AS can report that a bill (A6218) sponsored by Assemblyman John McKeon (D-27) was proposed and introduced to the Judiciary Committee yesterday. It will be heard on Monday.

The proposed legislation specifically targets gun retailers, manufacturers, NJ2AS, and YOU. Specifically, it allows the “Attorney General to bring cause of action for certain public nuisance violations arising from sale or marketing of firearms,” according to the bill’s synopsis.

The term “marketing” is not defined, but anyone discussing firearms should be greatly concerned. Is a Facebook post discussing your new favorite gun, ammo, or accessory considered marketing? Based on how the proposed law is written, it would be – and you could become legally responsible for criminal activity!

According to the bill, “Gun industry member” means a person, firm, corporation, company, partnership, society, joint stock company, or any other entity or association engaged in the sale, manufacturing, distribution, importing or marketing of firearms, ammunition, ammunition magazines, or firearm accessories.

You read that correctly… It specifically lists “society” as a member of the gun industry. To make matters worse, it also states “a person” – meaning, you, the average person who wants to discuss firearms and exercise their First Amendment right could be charged under the “marketing” aspect of the legislation.

Any person boasting or bragging about how they love XYZ brand of guns, ammunition, magazines, OR accessories would now be responsible if a criminal uses the aforementioned items in a crime. You and others listed in their “gun industry member” definition would be changed by the state Attorney General under New Jersey’s public nuisance laws. .....

'Gun Control' by subterfuge?! It would be interesting if this was applied to kitchen knives, cars and other everyday items as a means of charging people using a 'marketing' ploy. Seemingly, Gov Newsom in CA is considering a similar deceiptful approach.
(Video commentary related to this article.)


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