Reflections on Waco
and Sanctioned Murder

By Keith Knight. December 17, 2021

Wise words from the late Aaron Zelman, Founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership — taken from "Why the Holocaust?" - (Watch on the JPFO Odysee channel), or, watch the video here, below.
(Following this is an interview with Waco survivor David Thibodeau.)

Do they really think they're gonna make the streets safer when criminals don't buy guns and stores and steal them by registering law-abiding citizens?

Why indeed.

Another example of the US government and its benevolence towards its citizens; how many of you remember 1970 Kent State?

You know here you have people exercising their First Amendment rights protesting American troops going into Cambodia and we and the police are not concerned about what these folks are doing but the government sends in the National Guard and someone loses their ability to judge the situation and they open fire and you have dead students.

Of course all of us are familiar with some of the major tragedies that have gotten a lot of publicity in this country you know Waco, Ruby Ridge .....


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