Keep Your Dreams of 'Gun Control' Out
of the Mouths of our Founding Fathers


By Cody J. Wisniewski. Dec 26, 2021

Amid rambling incoherence, USA Today columnist Carli Pierson tries to blame "people like Rep. Lauren Boebert" for "the gun violence and trauma we are constantly cycling through as a nation." It's an embarrassment to the publication and the kind of rant I would normally ignore.

Unfortunately, Pierson also wants to drag the Founding Fathers into this—as if they would share her views on 'gun control' and so-called "necessary changes" to our laws.

Rep. Boebert is being singled out, along with Rep. Thomas Massie, because they both recently posted Christmas photos of their families posing with an array of firearms. Some found the photos charming, while others were predictably appalled.

Pierson rages that these U.S. Representatives—along with "people like" them—"are the problem" in our nation.

Boebert and Massie can ably refute such charges. I'll simply note there is no indication that either is anything other than a peaceable gun owner who believes in the natural right of self-defense. In that sense, they're no different from many millions of Americans. .....

The article has generated a wide slew of comments - this was one — "Well, the author is right about one thing- the Founding Fathers would have no patience for today's politicians on either side of the aisle."


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