NV Supreme Court Halts
Lawsuit Against Gun Makers

Image from Nevada state government

By Dean Weingarten. Dec 28, 2021

The Nevada Supreme Court recently issued a ruling upholding the immunity of firearm and ammunition makers from civil lawsuit, when their products are used criminally, under Nevada law.

The lawsuit stems from the criminal mass murder perpetrated in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. Many people are desperate to blame the instruments of crime for the crime. There arr deep pockets to consider. Gun manufacturers have significant assets. Dead criminals, do not.

A Federal statute The Protection of Legal Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), protects manufacturers, distributors, and retailers on the federal side.

Nevada has a separate state statute to protect firearms manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits designed to destroy innocent manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

If manufacturers, distributors and retailers can be held responsible for the acts of criminals, no manufacturer, distributor or retailer will be safe from lawsuits designed to destroy them. The Federal lawsuit was sent to the state court to see if it was valid in Nevada.

The Nevada statute is NRS 41.131. From state.nv.us: .....


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