To Home Carry, or Not To Home Carry:
A Battle of Experts

By William Barclay Masterson. December 29, 2021

I always enjoy reading the JPFO articles, and two of the most recent ones by Massad Ayoob Why Wearing a Gun in the Home is a Good Idea ( and Alan Korwin Quick Draw or Slow ( were no exception. Mr. Ayoob believes that "wearing a gun in the home is a good idea." Mr. Korwin disagrees. He offers many reasons for his dissent and explains why he believes his good friend Massad is wrong, his "points unjustified compared to the degree of threat, the frequency of events, and what really happens in most confrontations." I have never met and shaken hands with either expert, but know and highly respect them both by their own words. I particularly enjoyed Korwin's book AFTER YOU SHOOT available at: The entire site is a literary 2A treasure chest!

So who do I think is right? My response is predicated on an honest answer to a very basic question. After all, it was Voltaire who famously said, "If you wish to converse with me, define your terms." So I must ask, who is Korwin's primary audience? I believe Korwin's point-by-point analysis and concerns are all important. But I also believe that responsible, educated, highly trained and well-practiced citizens who choose to own a defensive firearm and carry it both outside the home and in, will not necessarily see the concerns of both gentlemen as always related.

Here is my opening statement … .....


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