Grassroots Update —
February 21, 2022

By Tanya Metaksa. Feb 21, 2022

What's New—

Alabama: HB272, a constitutional carry bill, awaiting House floor action;
Arizona: Three bills passed their respective houses: SB1177, HB2414, and HB2316; AB2473, prohibiting the state from doing business with banks that discriminate against legal firearms' businesses passed the Judiciary Committee; HB2166, exempting firearms and firearms safety equipment from sales taxes, passed by the House Ways & Means Committee 6-4;
Arkansas: the legislature has convened;
Colorado: HB22-1086, banning open carry at polling places, was passed by a committee;
Connecticut: SB16, a comprehensive anti-gun bill, is being promoted by Governor Ned Lamont;
Georgia: HB1358, constitutional carry, has been introduced with 53 House co-sponsors;
Idaho: HB1262, Emergency Powers legislation, has now passed a Senate Committee;
Kansas: SB482, a bill to prohibit discrimination against lawful firearms businesses, is scheduled to be heard on Feb. 21;
New Mexico: adjourned on Feb 17;
South Dakota: Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate State Affairs Committee voted out SB195 and SB212;
Tennessee: HB2523/SB2554 gives people with enhanced Right-to-Carry permits some law enforcement ability to carry into areas that are currently restricted;
Utah: SB115, a enhanced pre-emption bill, passed the House; SB133, criminalizing private firearms transfers, was defeated in committee;
Vermont: S30, an anti-gun bill, has been sent to Gov. Phil Scott this past week;
Virginia: HB509, repealing Virginia's "red flag" law, passed the House 52-47;
Washington: Senate Law and Justice Committee holding hearing on HB1705 and HB1630 Feb 21;
West Virginia: HB4048 has passed the House and this week it passed the Senate;
Wisconsin: AB518, universal recognition of Right-to-Carry permits from out-of-state; AB495, adults with firearms' licenses can drive on school property to pick up children, have both passed the Senate;
Wyoming: the legislature has convened.
Politics: Texas: In the 2022 Governor's race Democrat Beto O'Rourke flip flops on "taking AR15s".

Biden-Harris Administration

BATFE: Published in the Federal Register a rule defining an "Antique Firearm" and codifying secure Gun Storage requirements of the 1999 Omnibus Appropriations Act. The rule was to be finalized Feb. 3.
Forced Reset Triggers: Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) alleges that there is an internal email regarding "forced reset triggers"—specifically referring to "Rare Breed and Wide-Open Triggers (FRT Trigger)." They offer good advice if contacted about this issue by BATFE. .....

The full article is as usual very detailed with expanded information on many issues. It is worth checking out to inspect the current status quo, some encouraging but some not so much.


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