Do Permits to Carry
Equal Gun Registration?

By Dean Weingarten. Apr 1, 2022

On a recent article about the intricacies of passing a Constitutional Carry bill in Nebraska, it was noted people with a recognized permit to carry concealed in Nebraska were not required to register their handguns in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha, specifically the Omaha Police Officer's Association, was lobbying hard to keep the Omaha requirement of registration of handguns.

Under current Omaha regulations, people who do not have concealed carry permits which are valid in Nebraska, are required to register handguns in Omaha.

Commentator Jon Anderson of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association noted:

Omaha ALREADY requires registration of all handguns possessed inside city limits UNLESS the possessor has a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP holders are exempt from registration. This has been the norm for YEARS.

Commentator Russnir replied:

No, they're not. A concealed carry permit *is* registration! Extensive registration.

Both are correct, in a sense. CHP holders in Nebraska are not required to register any firearms, handgun or long gun.

A concealed carry permit is "registration" of a sort. It is registration showing the person who has the permit applied for and received a permit to carry a concealed handgun [...] .....

"Constitutional Carry" should be the norm throughout, with no special licensing requirements at all. These are potentially not only a gun registration tool, but also facilitate the "doxxing" that is seen whereby CCW people's personal information gets broadcast by anti-gun groups.


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