Keep the Faith

By Robert B. Young, MD. April 18, 2022

Too often we still hear that guns are the problem. For example, esteemed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Tweet (“light footing” it around her responsibility for Chicago’s safe streets): “We have a common enemy: it’s guns & the violence they bring.”

Yet there has been a gradual shift in messaging by our distinguished gun control competition. In recent years, they’ve backed off somewhat from their longtime gun ban and confiscation demands and moved more toward restrictions around the edges. That doesn’t mean they’ve given up their yearning to ban guns (or “buy-back” certain types, leading toward more). But they’re learning (like Beto O’Rourke and Mehmet Oz running in state elections this year) that you don’t win popularity contests demanding to seize law-abiding voters’ lawful personal property.

That’s to the good, despite their unredeemable craving to take your guns. They can get nothing done if they aren’t broadly popular, culturally and politically, and the winds have been blowing against them. So even though we can’t trust their ultimate goals, they are actually getting farther away from enacting them and they know it.

Here and there are even some glimmers of rational thinking by people from whom we might have expected worse [...] .....


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