Protecting Schools the Israeli Way

By Lawrence Meyers. Mar 26, 2018

(Following the Uvalde school massacre in particular, it seems well worth bringing up this article from four years ago which goes into detail regarding the 'hardening' of schools. It would appear even more relevant now than ever and also emphasizes the need for armed personnel, including teachers. It is certainly significant food for thought.)

To follow up on my explosively popular article, “Israel Figured Out How to Prevent School Shootings 40 years Ago” (thank you, readers), it’s time to get specific about protecting the schools in this country. While everyone else argues over the impossible, that is, impossible prevention of any kind of violence by rolling back Constitutional rights, we can look to the way Israel protects its schools, and its most treasured possession, its children.

Ben Goldstein, an American who made aliyah to Israel, and now serves as volunteer security, and is co-founder of AKRAV Global Security Solutions, described the Israeli method, and how easy it would be for America to follow Israel’s example.

Goldstein describes security as being a set of concentric circles, beginning in the classroom and extending outward, each circle providing a layer of security.

The widest circles belong to law enforcement and society, doing their best to track and forestall potential threats, and more effectively treat mental illness. We’ve now learned of multiple catastrophic failures at every level of social and political prevention in the Parkland shooting.

If society and law enforcement failed this badly, the idea that guns should be taken out of the hands of law-abiding citizens is folly. .....


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