Rights Infringements
After the Bruen Case

By George Devinny. July 4, 2022

The SCOTUS decision on Bruen was a welcome result but now predictably we see the backlash as some states try their hardest to circumvent it and infringe on the 2A.

New York and Delaware States in particular were not slow to introduce draconian measures to effectively try and neuter people's rights.

In New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has signed a new 'gun control' bill with several examples of duplicity, one for example which takes the breath away, is to have applicants hand over a list of social media accounts they have maintained over the last three years, so officials can verify their "character and conduct". Further to this, concealed weapons will be prohibited from a number of areas, including Times Square, subways, buses, bars, government buildings, churches, schools, libraries, playgrounds, parks and homeless shelters - ergo a selection of 'gun-free zones'. The bill is to take effect September 1.

For more details, two sites in particular explore New York's measures - Gunfreezone.net, and Fox News.com

With Delaware, Gov. John Carney signed all of the anti-gun bills that the General Assembly had sent to his desk. They include a ban on many commonly-owned firearms, a ban on many standard-capacity magazines, discriminating against young adults, and allowing lawsuits to bankrupt the firearm industry regardless of whether there is a violation of the law.

Further setails on Delaware bills can be found from NRAILA.org and USNews.com

New Jersey is also in the game, promising to make lawful carry as difficult as possible. Gov. Murphy's main and egregious approach appears to be the restrictions on where carry can be legal, much like with New York's scheme. More information on all this can be found at TheTruthAboutGuns.com

There is undoubtedly going to have to be a slew of law suits to follow all this which it is hoped can achieve results, but this should not even be necessary at all if it were not for despicable anti-rights governors.


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