It's The Person, Not The Tool

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

By George Devinny. July 6, 2022

Horror continues as we see the 4 July massacre at Highland Park - not all that long since having seen similar tragic events at Buffalo and Uvalde. So, what is the common thread? Not the fact that semi-auto rifles were used but, the same types of individual - young males with severe mental instabilities plus some sort of a grudge, and all of which had displayed signs earlier of just that.

As a remedy, there is no need for anything like dangerous 'Red Flag' laws to see signs when all that is needed is reaction to the obvious risky behavior these lunatics show, often though social media and even within their family - sufficient to be able to effect limiting measures and avoid disaster.

The increased clamor now for banning so called "assault" type weapons is painfully predictable and yet as any rational person might admit, it is not those that should take the blame, but blame is usually the name of the game resulting in loss of rights for good people.

As an example of the 'blame game' and total naivety is Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny, who when speaking after two police officers were shot on 4 July said, from The Blaze:

Speaking after two officers were shot during Fourth of July celebrations, Kenney recounted a recent trip to Canada, admitting that he wants firearm laws in the United States to mirror those up north.

"It was a laid-back, chill day. Weather was beautiful. Concert was beautiful," Kenney said early Tuesday morning. "But we live in America and we have the Second Amendment and we have the Supreme Court of the United States telling everybody they can carry a gun wherever they want. It's like Dodge City."

"I was in Canada two weeks ago; never thought about a gun. The only people I knew who had guns in Canada were police officers," Kenney explained.

"That's the way it should be here," he demanded.

That's right Mayor, blame the gun every time and probably giving little or no thought to dealing with criminals who these days, thanks to many near useless DAs, suffer little or no retribution for their deeds. As the old adage goes "If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns" - a total truism.

Perhaps after the Waukesha parade massacre on 11/21/2021 by a deranged man in an SUV, we should ban all SUVs of the same type?!


Video grab, MD Governor Larry Hogan's CCW change

On a different matter concerning the positive SCOTUS verdict on Bruen, and states like NY, DE and NJ coming up with countless extra regulations to trample on rights - it appears refreshing to hear about MD Governor Larry Hogan suspending the MD 'good and substantial reason' standard regarding CCW applications. Of course there should not be a need for a 'permit' in order to facilitate the right to carry, as shown by some 20 or more states now with 'constitutional carry'.


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