Salutary Lessons for Modern Times
How 'gun control' Became an
Instrument of Tyranny in Venezuela

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By José Niño. Jan 16, 2019

Is Venezuela paying the price for adopting 'gun control'?

The shocking nature of Venezuela's economic collapse has been covered ad nauseam. However, one aspect of the Venezuelan crisis that does not receive much coverage is the country's 'gun control' regime.

Fox News recently published an excellent article highlighting Venezuelan citizens' regret over the 'gun control' policies the Venezuelan government has implemented since 2012. Naturally, this regret is warranted. The Venezuelan government is among the most tyrannical in the world, with a proven track record of violating basic civil liberties such as free speech, debasing its national currency, confiscating private property, and creating economic controls that destroy the country's productivity.

Elections have proven to be useless, as they've been mired with corruption and charges of government tampering. For many, taking up arms is the only option left for the country to shake off its tyrannical government. However, the Venezuelan government has done well to prevent an uprising by passing draconian 'gun control' which will be detailed below.

Venezuela's Lack of a Second Amendment Tradition

Historically speaking, Venezuela has never had a robust history of private gun ownership like that of the United States. The absence of a Second Amendment or check on the federal government's monopoly on firearm usage is a vestige of its colonial legacy. Its Spanish colonial overlords did not possess a political culture of civilian firearms ownership. It was mostly the military and the landed nobility that held firearms throughout the colonial era. This tradition has persisted even after Latin American countries broke away from Spain in the 1820s.

Fast forward to the 20th century, Venezuela began its first attempts to modernize its gun policy. In 1939, the Venezuelan government enacted the Law on Arms and Explosives (Ley de Armas y Explosivos) which established the Venezuelan state's monopoly on firearm usage. .....

Despite this article being from 2019, it might easily be seen as uncomfortably relevant in these present times - with salutary lessons to be taken and noted. The relationship between 'gun control" and tyranny is well documented and shows well how there was no 2A to be infringed. (Note: some links may have expired.)


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