Does US Really Have One
Of 'Highest' Murder Rates?

'An unprecedented and unjustified attack on the firearm industry'

By Jakob Fay. Aug 17, 2022

As rates of crime skyrocket and calls for gun control intensify, Mark Smith, President and CEO of firearm manufacturer Smith & Wesson, offered stern words of rebuke to politicians who disparage the 2nd Amendment while at the same hypocritically promote laws that abet lawlessness.

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden signed the Safer Communities Act which encouraged controversial, unconstitutional red flag laws. A slew of states have also cracked down on gun rights this year.

At the same time, billionaire George Soros has been pouring massive sums of money into the campaigns of soft-on-crime district attorneys throughout the nation.

In his lengthy statement, Smith points out that these soft-on-crime policies compounded by simultaneous attacks on the 2nd Amendment - not the 2nd Amendment itself - are largely responsible for the uptick in crime.

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