OP/ED: America has a Problem
with too many Gun Laws

By Dean Weingarten. Sept 3, 2022

The United States has far too many gun laws. There are laws about where you buy a gun, who can buy a gun, who can possess a gun, who can carry a gun, what kind of gun can be bought, shot, loaned, carried or given, where a gun may be possessed, purchased, shot or traded, what kind of ammunition can be sold, possessed, made, or shot, and where it can be at what times.

There are laws about how big, small, old, new, where a gun is or was made, and what it is made of.

These laws have proliferated across thousands of polities across the United States as politicians have used the laws to disarm out of favor minorities, political opponents, and worked to create "do something!" laws which play to media driven hysteria.

In the colonies and the early Republic, there were extremely few gun laws. The rare gun laws were almost never enforced, in part because there was little serious mechanism to enforce them. The electorate would not accept any significant attempt to disarm them. Some early laws required people to be armed.

If you wish to understand how few gun laws there were, read the majority and minority opinions in Bruen, the Second Amendment decision from the Supreme Court in 2022. From Bruen p. 4: .....


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