2A Abuses Hidden in the Spending Bill

By George Devinny. Sept 23, 2022


It is not uncommon to see inclusions of "extras" within a bill and this is a case that seems to demonstrate the ploy. No less than ten 'gun control' provisions sit buried inside the FY 2023 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill - many decidedly draconian. The devil is in the details.

Two items provide the opportunity to get up to speed and see all that is invoved - first the 13 minute video above, outlining and discussing the facts and second, an article by Aidan Johnston from GOA - "'Gun Control' Hidden Inside Funding Bill", which looks at further details.

Being aware of this subterfuge is half the battle and presents the opportunity to tell Congress not to let the Continuing Resolution expire during a lame duck session and before the next House majority takes hold.


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