Gun "Buyback" success: Man Prints 110
guns, Obtains $21,000 dollars from NY AG

Image of FGC9 3D printed Hybrid carbine

By Dean Weingarten. Oct 10, 2022

On August 28, 2022, in Utica, New York, the Attorney General's office of Letitia James paid out over $21,000 in gift cards for 3D printed "ghost guns". The guns were printed by an anonymous entrepreneur on a $200 printer he received for Christmas.

Letitia James took credit for the "buyback" of "ghost guns" at Utica. "Buyback" is an Orwellian term. The guns which are turned in were never owned by the governmnt. The AG did not mention the mass purchase of 3D printed guns, although they mentioned 177 "ghost guns". From the

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that 296 firearms, including 177 ghost guns, were turned in to law enforcement at a gun buyback event hosted by her office and the Utica Police Department. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) accepts — with no questions asked — working and non-working, unloaded firearms in exchange for compensation on site. Yesterday's event is a part of Attorney General James' ongoing efforts to combat gun violence and protect New Yorkers throughout the state. To date, Attorney General James has taken more than 3,300 firearms out of communities through gun buyback events and other initiatives since taking office in 2019.

The man interviewed by assumed the nom de guerre of "Kem". Kem stated he obtained $21,000 in gift cards for 110 3D printed guns he created and turned in at the "buyback".


"I'm sure handing over $21,000 in gift cards to some punk kid after getting a bunch of plastic junk was a rousing success," laughed Kem. "Gun buybacks are a fantastic way of showing, number one, that your policies don't work, and, number 2, you're creating perverse demand. You're causing people to show up to these events, and, they don't actually reduce crime whatsoever."

The AG said the event netted 177 "ghost guns". It appears more than one "Kem" utilized the event to obtain some of the valuta Letitia James was handing out. .....


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