Cars Cause Crime
Like Flies Cause Garbage

By NRA-ILA. Oct 17, 2022

Part of the reason gun owners detest 'gun control' so vehemently is because it places the burden of curtailing violent crime on law-abiding individuals rather than where it belongs – on criminals. Those who would never commit a violent crime have their freedoms restricted, while criminals ignore the law. In the current era of “defund the police” and George Soros-funded prosecutors this problem is even more acute, with gun owners made to suffer ridiculous indignities while the government coddles criminals.

While gun owners and the firearm industry have long dealt with this misplaced attention, St. Louis is breaking new ground in deflection. According to a Fox News report, St. Louis is preparing to sue car manufacturers Kia and Hyundai for the city’s rampant car theft problem.

As the city tells it, some motor vehicles made by the companies are too easy to steal, thus enticing some to commit grand theft auto. An August 19 letter from City Counselor Sheena Hamilton to the car manufacturers stated,

With this letter, the city demands that Kia and Hyundai mitigate the defective conditions providing thieves – including teenagers as young as 13 – the instrumentalities by which they are destroying property, endangering city drivers and themselves, and, in some cases, committing violent felonies

The letter also noted,

Kia and Hyundai's defective vehicles have caused a public safety crisis in the city, endangering the health, safety, and peace of all those who live, work or visit the city. Your companies bear the responsibility to mitigate the public nuisance your negligence has created for the city and its residents,

That’s right, according to St. Louis officials it is car manufacturers’ fault that criminals are breaking into and stealing motor vehicles and wreaking havoc across the city. .....


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