Mrs. Masterson and I went out for lunch yesterday to our favorite pizza restaurant. Let’s call it Tony’s Pizza Palace. We’ve been going there for almost 50 years! The pizza we first bought there for about $7 or $8 now costs us $23! Same great pizza over three generations. There was Antonio, Tony, and now Anthony. We’ve known them all. Tony and Mrs. Tony run the place. They’ve always treated us like one of their favorite customers. These days, they treat us like family … except it’s still a business … and we still have to pay the $23.

I personally never open carry. Even though I live in an open carry state, I’m sure you and I both know a whole lot of important reasons why one should keep our friends close and covered. The law here is, if it’s on private property, the owner can absolutely say yes or no to open carry. I understand. It is their property.

As for concealed carry, of course places like schools, post offices, court facilities, airports and casinos, are strictly off limits. But a NO FIREARMS ALLOWED sign in a store or restaurant window can be interpreted (not legally, but practically) as a suggestion. Where I live, we all just keep it covered, don’t print, live your life freely and safely, and pray you’ll never need it. I don’t know anyone who would give up their right to carry, license on their person, in a store or restaurant. True, if caught, they can ask you to take your sidearm to the car, leave it, and then if you wish, come back vulnerable. Never mind that the bad guys don’t obey laws and could be lurking to cause you and others serious bodily harm or death.

If you refuse these options, then they can call the police and you will be arrested. And no matter what you do, once flagged, they will have your name and photo on file. .....


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