NYS Jewish Gun Club's scathing
response to non-action of court

(AP Photo/Dan Balilty)

By John Petrolino. Nov 6, 2022

The other week the NYS Jewish Gun Club approached a Federal court in Manhattan for a stay on New York's draconian carry law. The NYS Jewish Gun Club is one of many that have lined up to challenge the unconstitutional provisions in New York's law, which were signed by unelected Governor Hochul. The case Goldstein v. Hochul challenges what "sensitive places" are under the new law.

One of the attorneys representing the NYS Jewish Gun Club, Ameer Benno, previously stated, "By designating all houses of worship as 'sensitive places' where exercising the fundamental right to self defense will now be punishable by prison time, the government has not only violated the Second Amendment but also the First Amendment's guarantee of the free exercise of religion." Different cases have yielded different results, but according to the NYS Jewish Gun Club, the court they've filed in are slow rolling the process.

From the official NYS Jewish Gun Club Twitter account, the following tweet:

The four page letter from Ameer Benno outlines how the court is not taking any action in their case. They also go on to explain how similar cases have already seen portions of the law stayed on the similar grounds that the group is arguing. .....


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