Why gun control politics aren't doing well

By Tom Knighton. Nov 7, 2022

With elections all over the nation happening on Tuesday and early voting already underway for a while now, campaign season is almost over.

During that time, gun control started out as a huge issue, one Democrats and gun control groups alike thought would turn out to be a winner. Yet, as I suspect Tuesday's results will show, people weren't moved by their anti-gun arguments.

Why is that?

After all, we can't just be content with the win. Seriously, we can't. It's vital we understand just why gun control isn't doing well in general so we can continue to replicate that success in the future.

And there are theories as to why that's the case. NSSF takes a look at Florida as an example.

National gun control groups are flailing. They can't understand why voters won't give up their rights. The groups continue insisting Florida voters want stricter gun control but repeating it ad nauseam won't make it reality. They're even targeting Florida voters based solely on race. It's disgusting. The Second Amendment is for all law-abiding Americans.

Florida voters themselves are telling a different story. They care about crime, holding criminals accountable and their right to protect themselves. .....


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