Deadly Consequences Of
Believing 'Gun Control' Will Work

In Oregon, people who supported Measure 114 apparently
didn’t understand that criminals do not obey gun laws.

By Dave Workman. Nov 14, 2022

A report by Oregon Public Broadcasting may have opened some eyes—albeit too late to matter in the midterm elections—to the futility of passing ever-more-restrictive 'gun control' measures such as Measure 114, as the story includes a quote from Paul Donheffner, legislative committee chair of the Oregon Hunters Association, which opposed recently-passed anti-gun initiative.

“It is going to put a lot of honest citizens through the wringer,” Donheffner said. “The people that are committing gun violence aren’t going to get a [permit to purchase], you’re not going to get a background check, you’re not going to go through all this rigmarole.”

Measure 114 will require training and a police-issued permit (neither of which will be available when the initiative takes effect, thus effectively cancelling out the Second Amendment and Article I, Section 27 of the Oregon State Constitution) in order to purchase a firearm. The Second Amendment Foundation is currently preparing a legal challenge.

Critics of the legislation concur with Donheffner’s observation. It will not prevent any crimes and it will only inconvenience law-abiding citizens.

There may be no better example of 'gun control' failure than Chicago, where the weekend saw “dozens of people shot,” .....


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