Dangerous use of Serial
Numbers found Unconstitutional

California DOJ Firearm Ownership Report

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By Dean Weingarten. Nov 16, 2022

The most dangerous use of a serial number on a firearm is as a registration number. In effect, gun registration is gun confiscation. It was not the intent for which serial numbers were made. They were originally created as a way to track firearms with production changes and as a way for government arsenals to track production and military use of weapons.

A federal court recently held a federal law, passed in 1990, which makes possession of firearm with a removed serial (registration) number illegal, is unconstitutional.

This is an important decision. It has relatively minor effects, at this time. The law was a step toward universal firearms registration.

Finding the law unconstitutional subverts the push for government control over firearms.

If a person cannot be punished for the mere possession of a firearm from which a serial number has been removed, the entire scheme for government control over legally owned firearms falls apart.

There cannot be effective gun registration, if a person cannot be punished for possessing a gun which has had the serial number removed.

The legal ability to possess firearms without serial numbers buttresses the deterrent effect of an armed population. .....


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