Another Shooting Illustrates
Uptick In Defensive Gun Use

Defensive gun use appears to be rising.

By Dave Workman. Dec 15, 2022

Police in Chandler, Arizona are still investigating a fatal defensive shooting at an Amazon parking lot, but published reports are already noting about the unidentified armed citizen that “and authorities said that his actions may have prevented a larger shooting.”

KPNX News did not identify the individual who fatally shot the alleged gunman, who wounded an Amazon employee, but did say he was a “contracted Amazon worker” using his personal firearm.

According to ABC News, the alleged gunman was identified as Jacob Murphy, who was not an Amazon employee. ABC said the armed contract worker was cooperating with the investigation.

A third report, by KOLD News, quoted Amazon worker Bryton Bobbie, who said his armed colleague is “a big cigar fan.”

“And we’re like, yeah, we need him the finest cigars. Or whatever he wants. He saved a lot of us,” Bobbie said.

It appears to be a growing phenomenon as increasing numbers of U.S. citizens are guying and carrying guns for their personal protection. .....


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