Close Dark Fast

By Mike Boyle. Dec 26, 2022

At present, more than 40 states allow their citizens to carry a concealed firearm. Despite what critics have predicted, the streets have not run red with blood. On the contrary, there have been numerous instances where responsible citizens have used a firearm to protect their lives or loved ones.

Having ready access to a firearm is certainly a good first step toward ensuring your personal safety. Once you've acquired it, the next step is learning how to use it. If you're serious about defending your life, you need to take in some professional training. There are many high-profile shooting schools offering cutting-edge training. Unfortunately, attending such a class is often outside the realm of possibility for many folks because of the expense and travel requirements. The good news? There are probably some very capable instructors in your area who can get you up to speed at a fraction of the cost of the big name schools. Training is a perishable skill, and from time to time you have to sharpen the saw. So frequent "maintenance intervals" are part of the picture.

As a career law-enforcement trainer, I've noted many similarities between assaults involving weapons, as well as those without. Events studied include attacks on both law enforcement officers as well as other citizens. I regularly use data from definitive sources such as the DEA, FBI, and New York City Police Department in my training to better prepare officers in my agency. Many of those same lessons would serve the armed citizen equally well. Are patterns of assault on non-law enforcement much different? Not really. Just check out the "Armed Citizen" section of American Rifleman.

Typically, the bad guys will try to have things working in their favor before launching a violent attack and the element of surprise is high on their list of priorities. In a great many instances, prevailing conditions can be best described as close, dark and fast. .....


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