Beware Scam gun sales sites

By Dean Weingarten. Jan 2, 2023

Rock Island M14Y .22 rifle 10 shots sale! $86.10 - Scam Alert!

When checking firearm availability and firearm prices on the Internet, this correspondent frequently comes across web sites which claim to have highly sought after models, at extremely attractive prices. They are almost always scams.

The purpose of these scams is two fold: First, collect your personal information and credit card information, so it can be sold and or used to defraud you. Second, collect money via an untraceable payment system. Surprisingly, Paypal seems one way; another is one of the digital currencies; another is through the use of gift cards, another is a direct bank transfer.

There is an old saying which applies: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

As humans we are always looking to score valuable things for minimum effort. It is part of the genetic makeup of people who hunted and gathered to keep breath flowing in and out. There is always the chance of finding that bonus of a super thick berry patch, or the silly bison calf which wanders into spear range, just when you huddled behind a bush. When we deal with other humans, there is a greater potential for deceit and fraud. It was difficult to pull off when we lived in close-knit clans and villages. Those who cheated received a reputation very quickly. The results were often unpleasant. As society and commerce grew with more unrelated people, the potential to cheat and not be held accountable became greater and more lucrative.

One of the "lures" which causes people to "bite" and get caught up in these scams is, occasionally, you come across an excellent deal. .....


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