2023 Media Profit Center: A Seminar
for Calculating Psychopathic Killers

By Richard W. Stevens. Jan 9, 2023

Click-bait profits and viewership numbers must be popping high for every news medium in America exploiting the November 14, 2022, murders of four Idaho students. Publishers party hearty as they teach every disturbed, isolated, incel, evil-fascinated, violent psychopath how to butcher innocents and become world famous.

How do the writers, editors, media figures, and company executives sleep at night – knowing they are promoting a vicious murderer into a celebrity? Everything that JPFO’s Don’t Inspire Evil (DIE) initiative has pleaded media not to do – they are doing:

  • Repeating the (alleged) killer’s full three names non-stop in every story
  • Publishing his photo in full color like a sports figure after a game win
  • Featuring his murder of innocents as front-page news every day for weeks
  • Explaining every detail of the crime, so others learn what kinds of crimes reap notoriety and national fame
  • Following the killer’s every move: homicide time frame, conversations, cars driven, cross-country travel route, which restrooms he used on the Interstate
  • Quoting meticulously the words and statements the (alleged) killer uttered before and after the homicide, including to police and in jail
  • Engaging criminologists, psychologists, FBI agents and other “experts” to give the play-by-play, the backstory, the “up close and personal,” the color commentary on every aspect of the killings

Gruesomely profiting by pain: The writers, photographers, and publishers repeatedly present the photos of the young innocent victims, advertising whose lives were taken, like bounty hunters photograph an elk, lion, or elephant after their kills. .....


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