What the News Can't Tell Us About
Armed Defense, Shootings, and Gunfights

By Rob Morse. Jan 1, 2023

Don't confuse the news with the truth. The corporate news media is in the business of delivering eyes and ears to their advertisers. That is how they earn their money. The assignment editors, reporters and the copy editors are not against honesty and proportion, but cash comes first. That means they are biased in their reporting. They must ignore the common but important stories in order to leave room for the shock and outrage that keeps us watching and listening. I study armed defense. Ordinary citizens like us defend ourselves, our family, and innocent strangers every day. You wouldn't know that from watching the news. This is why the corporate media does such a bad job of reporting.

To be fair, we have our own biases. Most of us think that armed defense looks like something from a John Wick movie or from the Matrix. That couldn't be further from the truth. I have to describe what ordinary people do because most of us are not even familiar with the terms.

Armed defense is when the intended victim of a violent crime uses a firearm to deter or stop the criminal.

That includes something as simple as grandma shouting for an intruder to go away because she has a gun and that she called the police. The police might not classify it as a defensive gun use, but grandma thinks it was. She thinks the home-invasion robber changed his plans because she had her firearm. The criminal thinks grandma's gun was important too.

Armed defense is when an armed mom is crossing the parking lot late at night. She tells her kids to get back in the car, she turns toward three young men, and puts her her hand into her purse. She yells "Stop!" and the three young men change direction. They get back into their car and drive away.

In these examples, the victim didn't have to point their gun at the attacker. The significant thing that happened was that the armed defender didn't look and act like the victim the attackers had in mind. The criminals moved on to find easier prey. .....


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