CA Shootings Open Gate
For 'Gun Control' Rhetoric

Joe Biden is just one politician trying to exploit two California
mass shootings, and he's taking heat from the National Review

By Dave Workman. Jan 25, 2023

From Joe Biden down to local officials, the mass shooting incidents in California that together have claimed 18 lives since the weekend have provided anti-gunners with grist for more demands for additional 'gun control' laws.

But would any of those measures have prevented the carnage in Monterey Park or Half Moon Bay?

The National Review on Wednesday blistered Biden, noting he “did Tuesday morning what he often does when faced with a complex societal problem: He talked confidently about something else. In a hastily released statement on the topic, Biden urged “both chambers of Congress to act quickly” and send an ‘Assault Weapons Ban to my desk.’ Tragedy, meet non sequitur.

“The notion that the ambitions of nihilist mass murderers are likely to be meaningfully constrained by arbitrary limitations on the way that certain legally available firearms look is fanciful and unsubstantiated at the best of times,” the National Review observed. “Here, though, the claim does not even intersect with the incidents on which Biden has predicated his call. California already has all of the gun-control laws that the Democrats wish to add federally — including a strict ban on so-called “assault weapons” — and those laws made no difference whatsoever.”

Biden is hardly in a solo position when it comes to calling for actions that already haven’t worked. .....


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