Anti-Gun Group Wants CA to Continue
as Petri Dish for Failed Anti-Gun Policies

By NRA-ILA. Feb 6, 2023

In a move that could have been predicted by anyone with a pulse, anti-gun extremists are calling for more anti-gun policies to be implemented in arguably the most anti-gun state in the nation: California.

The gun-ban organization Giffords recently put out a wish-list of 10 “priorities” it would like to see California implement, claiming they will “make California safer for all who call it home.” Of course, this is the same organization that already gives California its highest “Scorecard Grade” of “A,” and proclaims, “California has the strongest gun safety laws in the nation….”

For those not keeping score, California has enacted virtually every gun ban and anti-Second Amendment law that Giffords has said, so far, it would like to see imposed on every other state. It was the first state to pass a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” bans magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, has so-called “universal” background checks that require all lawful firearm transfers to be processed through a licensed firearms dealer, has “waiting periods” for those same transfers, imposes severe restrictions on the building or modifying of firearms for private use, restricts the lawful carrying of firearms for personal protection, and requires the registration of all handguns.

And that’s the abbreviated list. As California’s gun owners know, the state has been doing everything it can to make lawful gun ownership as inconvenient and uncomfortable as possible. In other words, it has done everything it can to earn that “A.”

But, as most are painfully aware, violent crime, including violent crime that involves criminals using firearms, remains a problem for the Golden State, and is on the rise. .....


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