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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  • October 23, 2023  Contact: Floyd Neeland

State Senator expects little from failed border czar Kamala

Her New White House Gun Office is

With media attention hyper focused on Hamas atrocities and domestic support for terrorists, we cannot lose focus on what our own government is doing behind the curtain to us. Speaking about the new White House office of "Gun Violence Prevention," Arizona State Senator Anthony Kern said, "The radical Democrat agenda is not only highly dangerous, it's also unconstitutional." JPFO has learned the dept. is staffed with known anti-gun-rights activists.

Senator Kern noted, "A record-setting 260,000 illegal aliens crossed our southern border in September. Instead of our 'Border Czar' protecting our communities from this national security crisis, Kamala Harris is now attempting to take away our citizens' right to keep and bear arms with the formation of this new office. It takes good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns. Sadly, Harris wants to remove our ability to protect ourselves, our families and our property in the midst of the invasion we're experiencing because of the Biden Administration's complete and total incompetence." JPFO believes this is deliberate usurpation.

In a statement, Mr. Biden called the new office, "…important steps, they are just the first steps toward what is needed." Crime control was not mentioned. In the past, so-called gun-control "steps" have been a prelude to more steps—added infringement is never enough for so-called "gun controllers." The new office has leaders from the Brady group and Everytown (Rob Wilcox), a media pundit focused exclusively on "on Black and brown communities" (Greg Jackson) and Stefanie Feldman, a Duke and Yale graduate. She has worked with Biden for more than a decade, as his climate liaison, and as a gun controller since 2012, reacting to a highly publicized mass murder… ironically in a gun-free zone.

"We're used to and tired of this," said Alan Korwin, an author and consultant to JPFO. "We want crime control, absent as usual from Biden's plans."


"Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, is America's most aggressive civil-rights organization, dedicated to destroying the notion of 'gun control' as any kind of credible public-policy position. So-called 'gun control' does not control guns and doesn't control criminal behavior. What it does is disarm the innocent, leaving them helpless in the face of criminals, tyrannical governments and genocide. History repeatedly proves this fact. Founded in 1989 by Aaron Zelman as a response to the Holocaust, JPFO speaks with the moral authority and tenacious commitment of survivors of persecution, and knows that surrendering your personal and family safety to government protection courts disaster. You don't have to be Jewish to fight by our side, you just have to love liberty."

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