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Since you’re reading this, I don’t have to be a mind reader to know you already know quite a bit about “what’s wrong.” For example, you know there is an immense war against our G-d given, constitutionally protected 2A. Despite the fact that this is unalienable and just reaffirmed by the Supreme Court, social, political, and legal wars are still raging against us, nonstop. As important as this is, our immediate 2A concerns are just the tip of a great many political and cultural icebergs. So if you feel like we are all on the 2A Titanic, that’s because we are. Multiple icebergs dead ahead. The alarms are sounding. We must fight, and fight back hard to prevail. If we don’t, we will lose!

If both our politics and culture don’t change, we will most assuredly lose! And if we lose our 2A, we will cease to be American citizens and will devolve back into ruled subjects. This is absolutely what our Founding Fathers and Framers of the Constitution raged against and feared the most!

You may know all about some of the other “wrongs,” like The Great Reset, ESG scores, CRT, Equity, Cloward & Piven, all parts of the financial and social, systematic takedown of America, our culture, and our traditional American way of life. It’s all an amazingly awful, overwhelming overload to be forced to live through. And it’s happening right here, right now, right before our eyes. This is exactly what tyranny both looks and feels like. And it's only going to get worse and worse until it is stopped. There is no other way.

You may have read THE GREAT RESET by Glenn Beck and AMERICAN MARXISM by Mark Levin. These are two of the best books that explain many of the reasons for these “wrongs.” You may understand that these “wrongs” are all part of the greatest criminal theft against America, perhaps of all time. You may be following, day-to-day, how our entire country, capitalism, history, language, customs, family structure, religion, the middle class, educational system including our children, virtually our entire way of life is being “reset” and ripened for a complete social and political takeover they openly call the LIBERAL NEW WORLD ORDER.

They absolutely want to steal our country, our freedom, our liberty, literally regulate and rule us in all manner of ways. It is positively NOT the role of our American government to do most of what they are doing and want to do more of, but that is exactly what tyrants do. Thank you China for the great, perfectly timed (before the 2020 election) setup of Covid. Thank you China and all the prominent politicians and their crime families on the take, you have reportedly paid so many millions of dollars to, and for so many years! You are the great beneficiary. It’s so obvious. China first. America last.

You may understand that the current Marxist party in complete power (and wanting more every single day!) despises traditional America, our history, founding, Constitution, freedom, liberty, individualism, our very way of life, and of course our 2A. Tyrants always find a way to eventually confiscate firearms to keep people weak, obedient and submissive, ever eager to follow instructions and mandates like (1) wearing their statistically ineffective Covid “masks of compliance” that “virtue signal” to all, that the wearer is ever at the ready to sit down, shut up, and obey, and (2) take all the Covid “vaccines” that neither prevent catching nor spreading this serious virus. You may understand that it’s not and never was about medicine, per se. It was and still is always about power, control, forced compliance, and extreme punishment of one kind or another, if you don’t submit!

You may understand that their ultimate goal is to pretty much rule over everything you do, say, think, eat, purchase, where and how you live, travel, drive a car, you name it. In order to do so, they destroyed a presidency (the corrupt, cover-up media is an extension the Democrat party), are illegally flooding our borderless country with millions of future Democrat voters, crippling and breaking the middle class with impossible inflation, destroying our great economy and energy independence to bring us to our knees, as if it will measurably affect the climate one iota. It will not! Oh, what a GREAT GREEN CON! And for what? So we will be powerless to do anything except obey and comply with the New World Order! It will be shoved down our throats and if necessary, up the other end too.

Is this what our great patriotic Founders and Framers risked all for, in pledging their very lives, fortunes, and sacred honor? Is this what our great patriotic war heroes lived, fought, and died for? Shame of shames! And yet we elect these power mongers who suck at the government teat and hate America enough to destroy her from within, from the inside out, and then “reimagine” her as a Marxist tyranny … Lady Liberty weeps!

You may fully understand that the Marxist regime desperately wants to make our 2A so expensive, so time involved and ridiculously overregulated, that it will become impossible for you to jump through all their unconstitutional hoops. In other words, they want you to be so sick of it, that you will eventually give up!

What I DO know with 100% certainty, is that besides being worried, angry, and thoroughly disgusted, you are FRUSTRATED. No matter what you say to those on the other side who call you names like racist, bigot, and homophobe, they will continue to despise the 2A, and will never believe you have the right to protect yourself. You are somehow to blame for the acts of others, like crazy people doing crazy things when they rob you, beat you, burn down your home, business, house of worship, or otherwise hurt innocent people and destroy our society.

They believe that since you have privilege, you somehow magically owe criminals your personal property and whatever else they want! You owe them because they are entitled victims, and you are to blame. Their actions are your fault. Woke (in)justice handcuffs the victims and frees the lawbreakers all because America hasn’t become a more perfect union fast enough for their satisfaction. So just you remember, if something is about to happen to you that rises to the level of serious bodily injury or death, it’s really your fault, and furthermore … you deserve it!

If you dare to defend yourself, regardless of constitutional rights and laws on the books, depending on your local D.A., you may very well be arrested, jailed, and put on trial. Regardless of outcome, the process alone becomes the punishment, and your life may well be ruined, financially and otherwise, forever. And of course, they know that.

This Marxist political party of death believes you should just “take it and die” if a crazy person chooses to seriously injure or kill you. Be a good little victim. Be reduced to begging and pleading with a madman. Go ahead. See if they care. Believe me, they don’t. You are nothing more than collateral damage for the greater good of the collective. Individuals do not matter. The truth is, your death is no more important to them than the death of a fully developed, 9-month baby about to crown.

Make no mistake. This is a totalitarian party of three kinds of death: (1) They ignore your (actual) right to defend yourself against significant bodily injury or death. (2) They invent out of nowhere a (make-believe) right to kill a 9-month baby! (3) They could care less about the scores of black-on-black shootings and murders that happen every weekend in Democrat cities with the strongest “gun control” imaginable. They only care about deaths that fit their political narrative so that they can then do what they do best: LIE FOR POLITICAL ADVANTAGE! This always means - blame and punish the lawful gun owners who have done nothing wrong, and of course, confiscate those evil guns that are weapons of war and kill people. In truth, it’s really only about “people control.” That is the basis of THE GREAT GUN CONTROL CON.

And if you disagree, you have blood on your hands and want children to die! This from an administration that allows open borders and enough drugs like fentanyl to enter the country and kill many millions of children, their parents, friends and neighbors. Talk about allowing mass murder into the country! China certainly knows exactly what it is doing. But the wall was Trump’s idea, so of course it can’t possibly be allowed to be completed, even though we already paid for it! The prospect of future Democrat voters “trumps” the deaths of American citizens.

All tyrants endlessly LIE to FOOL and CON their targeted audiences … until it is too late. Once they are in office, it’s always too late. And sadly, most people never seem to learn this lesson, election cycle after election cycle. Are they incapable of learning? Or are they too damned lazy or stupid to make the effort to stay informed and vote responsibly? In the end, it really doesn’t matter why. Either way, they are to blame for what we all have to live with and suffer through.

Eventually, tyrannies always end in suffering, poverty, starvation, and total societal decay and collapse. There is not one counterexample.

If and when you sincerely try your best to discuss these incredibly serious issues with the other side, I know you get even MORE FRUSTRATED. You continually find out that they will not listen, shout you down, and call you yet more names like entitled, racist, deplorable, privileged, domestic terrorist, and worse.

You continually find out over and over that way too many people genuinely DO NOT KNOW anything factual. You want to scream from the rooftops “pay attention, damn it! Wake up!” But they just DO NOT KNOW. Only propaganda. They are so invested in provable lies, that their so-called political opinions about the 2A, firearms for self-defense in the hands of law-abiding citizens, are nothing short of cult status, their new secular religion! They believe. They know. And you’re still a racist, deplorable, and evil.

In their profound ignorance, they hate you. They absolutely can become seriously addicted to not only feeling hate and rage, but acting upon it! You now need to be cancelled and destroyed. Why? Because you are a threat to their New World Order, and such threats need to be eliminated.

The question now becomes, what percentage of these rage addicted haters will take to the streets, our neighborhoods, our public buildings, and do G-d knows what to innocent people? At this point, the mob will act on their hate and rage because they are addicted to it. They like hate and rage!

As our side knows better than anyone, it’s never about “the gun” or any inanimate object, but always about a troubled or deranged human being, out of control. Always!

No matter what you do or say, no matter how accurately, no matter how articulately, no matter how respectfully, it won’t matter a tinker’s dam. They are somewhere between dumb as a rock and having so much invested in the Bulls Hit they’ve been fed for so long, that it’s hopeless. There is too often nothing that you can say or do, that will make a difference, that will really make any difference.

This is why you are INTENSELY FRUSTRATED! Realizing you are beating your head against a brick wall and wasting your time, generally has that effect on rational people.

And now, I have a confession to make. I deliberately wanted to get you to remember and feel what we both (you and I) are dealing with here, so I can share with you the whole point of this writing. Without me first eliciting your remembered emotions, fears, frustrations, and all that goes with it, you wouldn’t otherwise take what follows as seriously as I want you to. It is that important, as this is not just another 2A article to skim through. If you skim it, you’ll miss “it.”

But before I introduce an important article about the “why” and “what to do about it,” I need to share with you a “how” formula of my own creation.

PGP ----> PPP

Public Gaslighting Propaganda ----> Political Propaganda Psychosis

In brief, the Public gets Gaslighted by Propaganda. When enough Kool-Aid is swallowed and washes down the PGP, this will yield Political Propaganda Psychosis, PPP.

A brilliant psychologist and NRA instructor friend of mine believes in a Collective Delusional Psychosis. And of course, he’s right. But I want to make it clear that otherwise perfectly functional people we all know, can lead mostly normal, mostly happy lives … and yet they can suffer from a highly metastasized, non-global but specific, toxic political belief system, wherein they can indeed suffer from PPP. They can and will present hate, rage, irrationality, cause harm to others, and become absolutely, irreversibly, unreachable. That’s PPP. Totally infuriating! The only known guaranteed cure is to defeat them at the ballot box … if you can find a fair one.

Lastly, Dr. Mercola and Professor Desmet will use the term Mass Formation, a form of Mass Hypnosis. I’ll let these gentlemen take it from here. Their remarks are true for the 2A, Covid, virtually any PPP. Please keep that in mind when you read the article. I promise, it will speak deeply to you, explain the “how” and “why” you feel so frustrated, and “what” to do about it.

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Second Amendment rights are like
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