Is it anti-Semitic to say so if gun
grabbers really are "bagel brained"?



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March 18, 9:56 AM, Gun Rights Examiner, David Codrea


We’ve been following for some time attempts by the Southern Poverty Law Center, among other "progressive" groups, to paint those of us who wish to live free as "haters." Problematic for them is when a group they attack like Oath Keepers is supported by another civil rights organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (another group we’ve talked about time and again here).

Not to be deterred, Michael Dresser of The Baltimore Sun has come up with a unique new tack:

Anti-Semitic flier takes aim at Md. lawmakers for their gun bill

There’s only one problem: the creator of the flier is JPFO. So to buy into Dresser’s propaganda fantasy, we need to believe that the one civil rights group that not only says "Never again!" but also points to the one way to ensure against genocide — and is headed by a Jew — is anti-Semitic!

It must drive the left nuts — somebody like Executive Director Aaron Zelman having the guts to say what he does — and has been saying for over 20 years now

Early on, JPFO brought us a landmark interview with "Theodore Haas, a JPFO member and a former prisoner of the infamous Dachau concentration camp [who] believes gun control is a prelude to totalitarian rule."

Then there was "Gun Control: "Gateway to Tyranny", which "contains the German language original of the Nazi Weapons Law of March 18, 1938, a page-by-page translation, and then a page-by-page comparison with the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968."

This is the group that showed all Americans how to celebrate "Bill of Rights Day," translating it into 15 languages, and brought us award-winning documentaries like "Innocents Betrayed" and "2A Today for the USA." They’ve specifically addressed the racist origins of "gun control" in "No Guns for Negroes," featuring Ralph W. Conner, Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)-Chicago. And they’ve brought us a powerful study of the Torah by Rabbi Dovid Bendory in "The Ten Commandments of Self-Defense."

I’ve barely scratched the surface of accomplishments. I could go on and on.

Yeah, these are the people Michael Dresser of The Baltimore Sun would have us believe are "anti-Semites." He ought to be ashamed of himself. Of course, if he had any sense of shame (and any sense of journalistic responsibility), he’d be acting as a watchdog over government infringements of our unalienable right to keep and bear arms, instead of giving cover to political usurpers.

Here’s JPFO’s latest alert, where Zelman addresses this directly as only he can: "The Bagel Brained Jews of Baltimore are Bleating Vociferously." Go and read it—and make sure you click on all the fascinating internal links.

Then do one more thing. This vital and unique work must go on and must spread. Won’t you help? After all, it’s our rights they’re protecting. Think of JPFO like fire insurance — we don’t want to be without it.


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