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Exposing "Gun Control" stupidity.

By Scott Miller

As an Instructor at an Alabama State Community College I am acutely aware of the biases against guns and gun ownership. In the wake of recent public shootings in our nation, our institution is considering amending our security policy to better "protect" the faculty, staff and students on our campus. Although faced with the distinct possibility of budget pro-ration our administration is looking into a number of rather expensive systems to alert personnel to a possible threat on campus.

Although I am not opposed to such systems I realize their limited contribution in defusing a life threatening situation. When I suggested to the administrator in charge of reviewing the institution's security policy that we should consider an appropriate concealed carry policy for faculty and staff as an additional preventative tool I was chided and dismissed as promoting a dangerous/deadly safety policy.

In response to the arrogant dismissal of facts I presented in support my suggestion, I took a page from JPFO and created a handbill of my own. To my surprise when I shared it with some of my fellow instructors they wanted a copy of their own. Now the little JPFO inspired handbill is proudly displayed on the office doors of half a dozen instructors at our institution.

I have attached a copy of my creation for you. If you are of the mind, you have my permission to post it on your Web site to share with others.

Thanks for your tireless work in protecting all of our rights.

Keep up the good work! S. Miller

P.S. the reference to the Policy 511.01 at the bottom of the handbill is the Alabama State Board of Education policy that prohibits firearms on community college campuses.

Download the Handbill in PDF format - (1.2Mb) or the smaller image version (will print to 4"x5" size) - (121k).

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