The failure of "gun control"



As rumors of even more possible "gun controls" emerge, it is worth reminding people of just what happened in Australia. The first video below was only posted on YouTube about two weeks ago but already has seen over 129,000 views (6½ minutes). Some may have seen it but many may not, and should -- it is sobering and hopefully thought-provoking viewing.

It is also worth adding another video about the British perspective, which was posted over three years ago (9 minutes). The message is essentially in the same vein. These videos should make all US gun owners stop and consider the fragility of their own rights and the need for their vital preservation.

In Australia, it would seem that their Attorney General has a problem defining "home invasion" - how ridiculous is that? Add to that the fact that (similar to UK) the few remaining gun owners who perhaps own just a hunting rifle, are obligated to store that gun locked up with the bolt removed (semi-automatics of course are no longer legal) - and then keep ammunition somewhere else secure. Hardly a recipe for any possible defensive use! "Excuse me Mr Robber, please wait while I assemble my firearm and call the cops!"

We know also in the US that police response times and their lack of obligation to protect the individual is most relevant to any attack situation -- see the JPFO book "Dial 911 and Die". As for magazine capacity - make sure you have read JPFO Launches "High Cap Freedom"

The bottom line is the same as ever -- remove legal guns and the criminals are empowered, apart from which everyone with any sense of simple logic knows that criminals are by definition not law-abiding and will always find a way to procure guns. In the U.S.A. we see painfully the results of "gun-free-zones" - massacres occur in such areas, why? Because anyone intent on criminal activity including killing, is enabled by knowing their theater of operation is not likely to be armed. Think hard and think long -- we are on very thin ice. Self defense is a right.


The British Situation


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