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Further commentary on the Sandy Hook School attrocity,
which we have categorized as "letters to the editor".

"Media and Tragedies".
by a New JPFO Member, December 26th, 2012.

In some ways, Americans have lost their sense of an "independent mindset" that is signified by the JPFO symbol – a Jewish star of David with an American flag draped within; a seemingly dichotomous idea, given that the "national consciousness" has been coerced into believing that "Jews on the left-or-right coasts" are LIBERAL, whilst Christians somewhere in "middle America" are conservatives.

Just read the comments section of CBS (considered a "liberal" outlet) vs. those left on (seen as a "conservative" outlet). You'll find people spouting off on BOTH websites about either how guns should be banned and that mental health is the *REAL* problem in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy, whereas on the other site you'll find people fearful about gun rights being taken away.

The same holds true about Detroit, where I'm from. Most people think its "the national ashtray" when in fact there is a renaissance happening here; and, there is also a long-standing history of Jewish and African American integration.

In truth, NO "national painting" of any one place or state is accurate. For instance, look at Colorado or Washington State – both of which have marijuana legalization, and have a high percentage of gun owners as well. Perhaps we Americans like to "have our cake and eat it too." Go figure.

What I would like to see is a nationally televised show like "Meet the Press" or "Face the Nation" – NOT so much "local media" – have this public discussion. Let's face it: when Americans have TIME to get up on Sunday morning (without work obligations) and want to "catch-up" on what's current, THOSE are the sort of media outlets they view – along with their Sunday paper or the national websites.

Yet, "all politics is local" – as is demonstrated by Utah, which allows their teachers to carry concealed pistols inside of their schools, whereas in Michigan, that possibility was vetoed of recently by the governor. What this shows is that these decisions should be left to the STATES – just as our founding fathers wrote in our Constitution.

In the end, the FACT is that a psychotic or an evil minded person will FIND a way to carry out their "mission" – be it a truck packed with fertilizer in Oklahoma City to blow-up a Federal building, or somebody with an axe, firearm, or blunt instrument at their disposal. It is simply a matter of convenience, planning, and the will to do so.

The over-arching argument is that CHOICE is still vital in this nation – to legally own a firearm or to not own one IS our right, and it SHOULD remain that way. To quote Neil Peart who penned the song "Freewill" by the band Rush, "if you choose not to decide, you STILL have made a choice." And those choices should NOT be muted by reactions to a tragedy.

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