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By Phil Hewkin, February 3rd 2013.

JPFO preface: To remind everyone of the old expression "It can't happen here".
Take good note of what is below and make your mantra "Do NOT let it happen here".

(We have added a video at the end of this article - watch and ponder.)

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Dear JPFO.

I write as a supporter of our collective just cause, which is the protection of liberty and property rights for all, including and especially, the right to bear arms. I am very concerned about what I observe in America today. The mainstream media in America shows extreme anti gun bias, they desperately, foolishly cling to concepts like; magazine restriction/military appearance/universal background checks.

I can attest to the failed gun control agenda in Canada. The leftist mantra of public safety was chanted unwaveringly by the very similar main stream consensus media. It is noteworthy that CANADIAN C.B.C. and C.T.V. are publically funded, in excess of a billion dollars annually, and that their liberal leaning is as obvious as it is despicable. Even today, with a clear Conservative Government majority, media consensus remain unanimously anti gun, anti-liberty, and anti conservative despite public funding actually being increased to those corporations by Conservative Government.

The Truth is never told in Canada, with exception to SUN NEWS MEDIA. The Canadian reality is that Federally FORCED, CRIMINALIZING gun-owner licensing, called Possession/Acquisition License, or P.A.L. (Canadian equivalent of Universal Background Checks) remains largely unsupported by the majority of Canadians who continue to possess firearms minus the P.A.L., despite threat of prison, confiscation and criminalization. these laws in the Criminal Code of Canada thrust honest Canadians into a "GUILTY until PROVEN INNOCENT" reverse-onus status. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of legitimately held firearms being confiscated and destroyed, despite promises that no guns would be confiscated. there is no process of appeal. There is no compensation for loss.

Compliant Gun owners, who obtain a license, have their highly detailed personal information kept in a CPIC police Database, with CONTINUOUS BACKGROUND CHECKS This database has been HACKED MANY TIMES. it is NOT SECURE. this fact remains UN-REPORTED. CHECKS run 24/7, and any "hit" may result in swat-team style raids and arrests of License holders. Ironically, criminals, insane, violent, retain their right to privacy. A search warrant MUST BE OBTAINED, before police can execute any search. even repeat offender predator pedophiles retain their rights, NOT SO for average, honest, responsible Canadian Gun owners. truly pathetic, a NON-REWARD, for those who did jump through all the hoops, and became vetted gun owners. Common sense should dictate that these honest persons should be those that experience retention of rights protecting intrusions, privacy, and property. NOT SO.

What there IS. Honest Canadians facing an array of charges under the "firearms act" Charges being laid by a prejudiced police, and upheld by extremely prejudiced unelected APPOINTED anti-gun judges. In most cases, charges are reduced, or dismissed in absence of any real crime, if firearms are surrendered for destruction. In the advent that a citizen has the means and fortitude to legally challenge the charges, most times firearms can be recovered and charges dismissed, but at a cost of $10.000.oo-$25.000.oo and much more, for legal fees. The process is the punishment. An estimated 2 million Canadians remain non compliant, unlicensed. The number could be much higher, but due to the demographics, Canada being such a vast country, it is near impossible to have an accurate number.

We have had a small victory in that the Long Gun Registry was repealed. The current Government actually had promised to repeal Bill C-68 in its entirety. as of appx. 2006 they did change their terminology and would only refer to these horrible Liberal gun laws as "The Long Gun Registry" Before this, P.A.L. criminalizing licensing was included in the "promise to repeal". I wrote my own Member of Parliament MANY times, as I feared that this watered down commitment would result in the largest/worst part of these laws would remain in force. Holy COW was I right. In fact, remaining Forced federal Licensing places the stigmatism of criminality MINUS any proven act or threat, upon a peaceful, law abiding segment of society who are proven, by their actions and history, to be the safest and most responsible segment of society. simply for continuance to own that which was bought/owned legitimately. As long as the media and political bodies can effortlessly and shamelessly vilify honest gun owners by immediately attacking ONLY the honest segment of gun owners with their vitriol and hatred EVERY TIME some deranged crack-pot goes on a shooting spree, we will continue to be the victims of politically-correct extreme prejudice.

Unfortunately, every one of Obama's executive orders, and senator Feinstein's bill, will only achieve the same, unending harassment of honest gun owners and restrictions on their 2nd Amendment rights, while real criminals and insane people carry on their business as usual. I sincerely hope that America will be restored to sanity before this vile, unworkable design has undone liberty in that country. I would very much recommend, in hindsight of an inside observation of the Canadian experiment, that all concerned become steeped in the facts, and actively oppose this rampant gun control stupidity, NIP IT IN THE BUD, before Americans are made subject to onerous requirements, offensive intrusions, and political and legal perversions causing a new class of criminality where no real crime has taken place, save the vastly offensive mass of HATE CRIME that has become busy work for media, police, Judges and courts. THIS IS FAILED SOCIAL ENGINEERING POLICY. It fails to save EVEN ONE LIFE.

I give permission for this communication to be used for JPFO to print. R.I.P. Aaron Zellman.
May the message communicated so succinctly in the production "Innocents Betrayed" permeate social consciousness, and spare eventual future genocide, that civilian disarmament brings.

Sincerely, Phil Hewkin, Prince George B.C. Canada.

To further fill in the gaps, watch the video below -- made some time ago but it should provide very salutary information with regard to the possibilities of "gun control". This is pretty much what is being planned for the U.S.A. unless people stand up for the 2A and their innate rights.

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