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By Nicki Kenyon, September 8th 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.

In recent weeks, we’ve all seen the news about Bill and Melinda Gates donating a million dollars to fight for gun control. We’ve heard about the $50 million the statist weasel Michael Bloomberg has committed to relieving us of our rights.

We’ve seen scores of slick graphics and campaigns condemning gun owners for “sins” that range from open carrying in a grocery store to teaching children how to handle automatic weapons.

In recent years there have been scores of clueless celebrities to capture the attention of sniveling, emotional hordes, telling them what to think, how to act and what cause to support.

And the mindless masses obey. They mindlessly post whatever Shannon Watts tells them to post on social media. They repeat old, long-disproven memes without thought to actual facts. They see pretty graphics, and they jump on them, promoting them as fact.

And yet...

They lose.

For every shred of supposed “progress” they make, opportunistically taking advantage of every tragedy, creating slick campaigns to promote their cause, spending millions of dollars, they lose.

Bloomberg money failed to sway the voters to reject David Clarke.

Shannon Watts’ blithering, hysterical anti-Kroger campaign failed to force the nation’s largest grocery chain to stop abiding by state and local laws.

Bloombergian fortunes failed to stop the anti-gun recall in Colorado.

And no matter how many times the gun grabbers opportunistically shove bright, shiny objects in the form of grieving parents into the spotlight as pawns in their twisted gun control games, they fail.

This is your opposition, people!

These are the hysterical mommies, the historically ignorant, the easily swayed by celebrity and money.

The day the media announced the $1 million commitment from Bill and Melinda Gates, the JPFO Twitter feed exploded with drooling adulation from the star-struck masses, expressing their love and gratitude.

The gun grabbers crowed that the NRA “pissed off the wrong nerd,” as if a million from yet another statist fool will mean the difference between them finally seeing their tyrannical diktats into law.

These are easily-distracted, naïve buffoons, who think an extra million tossed at their cause means victory.

They bow at the feet of celebrities, whom they consider qualified to tell them what to think and how to think it, as they allow them to spew inane lies on their behalf.

Their vapid, shallow campaigns are nothing compared to your heart, soul, passion and dedication to your rights.

All the money... all the celebrity in the world will not buy heart.

All the slick graphics and campaigns cannot compare to real commitment to freedom and the desire to live unfettered by government chains.

Look upon your opposition. Don’t take it for granted or underestimate it, but know that they are gullible, unfocused and immature.

And know you’re better than that.

Nicki Kenyon has been an avid gun rights advocate since she returned to the United States from an overseas Army tour in Germany. She began writing about Second Amendment issues in 2001 when published her first essay, "The Moment.". She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Arts degree in National Security Studies from American Military University. Her area of expertise in those fields is European and Eurasian affairs. When not writing about gun rights or hanging out with her husband and son, she practices dry-firing her M1911 at the zombies of "The Walking Dead." Nicki Kenyon's Archive Page.

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