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By Nicki Kenyon, July 7th 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.

As of Sunday morning (the time I captured this screen shot), an MSNBC poll of 90,000 respondents indicated that the vast majority of Americans support constitutional carry of firearms.

I realize the survey is not scientific, and I understand the difficulty in making the claim that 88 percent of Americans believe people should be allowed to carry guns in public. It's downright impossible to get 88 percent of Americans to agree on anything let alone a controversial issue such as firearms. But this simple survey does show us that Americans do prefer to have their rights inviolate, and they prefer freedom to the anti-life, anti-rights, and anti-freedom agenda of Bloomberg's astroturf groups.

Maybe this is why the hoplophobic hordes of gun grabbing panty-soilers have added public ridicule to their repertoires; they have also begun advocating outright efforts to kill those who choose to publicly exercise their rights and pushing for theft – yes, THEFT – as a counter to freedom advocates' activities.

While I have not been a fan of in-your-face tactics of Open Carry Texas (OCT), whose puerile, pushy and downright ridiculous antics have contributed to some establishments' decision to ask customers to leave their guns at home or in their cars, the public ridicule of the Second Amendment, and the downright dangerous and illegal activities some advocate as a counter to OCT's exploits are indication of the gun grabbers' desperation in response to a wave of what appears to be support for the Second Amendment that is sweeping the nation.

In Dallas, in response to OCT's disrespectful and rude insistence on toting their bang sticks to lunch musician Barry Kooda staged an Open Carry Guitar Rally. And while it's a bit ignorant to use the First Amendment to the Constitution to ridicule the Second Amendment, it is their right, and no one has attempted to stop them.

Mike Malloy

Others' desperate efforts to shut down the Second Amendment aren't so harmless. Recently, radio host Mike Malloy has actively advocated the murder of anyone who chooses to exercise their rights.

"I guess what I'll do if I'm ever in that situation and I see one of these half-witted yahoos walking in with a weapon, high-caliber rifle like that, I'll just put on a berserk act. I will just start screaming Gun! Gun! Gun! Watch out, everybody hit the deck! Guns! Guns! Everybody! And then dial 911 and I will say, shots fired, which will bring every g**-damned cop within 15 miles. And then the half-wits with the long guns are going to panic and they're going to run out of the store and if that rifle isn't shouldered properly, the cop is going to take a look at that and put a bullet right in their forehead."

What a nice guy! In order to impose his version of peace on the rest of us, he has decided that he will take it upon himself to murder those whose only "crime" is to openly exercise their rights. Rudely, perhaps, and disrespectfully toward others... but do they really deserve a bullet in the forehead for this? Mike Malloy thinks they do.

And then there's some potentially criminal tool, who claims to be the representative of something called the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life, whose philosophy is to encourage people to leave any restaurant or store if they see a citizen exercising their legal right to open carry. That is their right. What is not their right is to leave their food and not pay for their bill in the restaurant in question.

My proposal is as follows: we should all leave. Immediately. Leave the food on the table in the restaurant. Leave the groceries in the cart, in the aisle. Stop talking or engaging in the exchange. Just leave, unceremoniously, and fast.

But here is the key part: don't pay. Stopping to pay in the presence of a person with a gun means risking your and your loved ones' lives; money shouldn't trump this. It doesn't matter if you ate the meal. It doesn't matter if you've just received food from the deli counter that can't be resold. It doesn't matter if you just got a haircut. Leave. If the business loses money, so be it. They can make the activists pay.

The workers in the restaurant made an effort to prepare the food. The owners of this restaurant paid for the ingredients. The wait staff took care to bring you said food and take care of your drink refills. If you stiff them, because you want to make a point about open carry advocates bringing their guns to lunch, all you're doing is stealing – appropriating their efforts and their resources without paying for them in order to make a political statement. You are nothing but a common thief, and I hope you are caught and charged as such.

It's pathetic to watch these people's tactics get more and more desperate, even as support for the Second Amendment gets more and more common.

From the somewhat silly and absurd attempt to create a musical counter protest, to the more serious and still absurd effort to promote an illegal act (theft) to oppose a legal one (openly exercising Second Amendment rights) to the outright dangerous and insane promise to get anyone who dares publicly exercise their rights killed by police...

There's only one conclusion to be drawn from all this: the gun grabbers are getting more hysterical and desperate by the moment.

And that means we are winning.

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Nicki Kenyon has been an avid gun rights advocate since she returned to the United States from an overseas Army tour in Germany. She began writing about Second Amendment issues in 2001 when published her first essay, "The Moment.". She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Arts degree in National Security Studies from American Military University. Her area of expertise in those fields is European and Eurasian affairs. When not writing about gun rights or hanging out with her husband and son, she practices dry-firing her M1911 at the zombies of "The Walking Dead." Nicki Kenyon's Archive Page.

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