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By Nicki Kenyon, April 15th 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.

Once upon a time, there was this agency. It was created in the aftermath of a gargantuan tragedy in a country whose enemies supposedly hated it for the freedoms it protected. The country decided to do something about this "freedom hatred," so it created an agency that terrorized little children, victimized the elderly, stole money and property and molested passengers in airports nationwide. That'll show 'em! They can't hate us for our freedoms any longer! See? It's all for your safety!

OK, sarcasm aside...

Now this same agency is facing a noxious scandal that involves Federal Air Marshal Service (let's not forget that FAMS falls under the supervision of TSA) director Robert Bray, who allegedly was involved in a scheme to use the Federal Air Marshal Service's license and connections with gun manufacturer Sig Sauer to get his pals free, or at the very least discounted, guns for their personal use.

The probe stems from whistleblower accusations involving federal Air Marshal supervisor Danny Poulos. Sources say the Department of Homeland Security inspector general is involved, and possibly the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. TSA officials disputed that those agencies are involved, but acknowledged that there is an internal review underway by the TSA Office of Inspection into the supervisor's alleged activity. ...

Poulos is accused of using the agency's federal firearms license and his relationship with gun manufacturer Sig Sauer to obtain discounted and free guns. He then provided them to high-up agency officials for their personal use, according to whistleblower documents obtained by and interviews with multiple officials with knowledge of the ongoing probe.

TSA admits Bray bought the firearms, but claims he didn't know he was doing anything illegal.


Let's examine this for a moment.

An official at an agency that is charged with upholding the laws and keeping Americans safe (a job it apparently botches on a regular basis), buys cheap guns for his buds in positions of power at both the TSA and the Marshal Service by using his connections, including those dreaded "assault" weapons, and he didn't think there was a problem with this?

Even if there's not a legal problem with him using his connections to obtain firearms for his high-placed pals, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that there's definitely an ethical problem! If there's one thing I learned about my years in the military and in the federal service, it's that one is to avoid even the APPEARANCE of impropriety at all costs! Any action I take in my day job as a federal employee, I run through my agency's ethics office. You know why? Because I want to ensure everything I am doing is above board, legal and morally correct. Because I have integrity. Because I have a brain, and I understand that even the mere appearance of impropriety will erode the public trust in what I do - trust that has already been worn pretty thin by the myriad of abuses that have been made public over the years. My oath to defend the Constitution, and my commitment to doing the right thing would have prevented me from using my connections to get firearms for my friends. Bray, Poulous and crew apparently did not have the same hangups.

Robert Bray

So Bray has decided he is going to retire in June. His decision, of course, has nothing to do with this brewing scandal. He just wants to spend more time with his family...

...yeah, that's it.

It has nothing to do at all with a Congressional inquiry into the matter, which apparently is looking into why TSA kept the people's representatives in the dark about having started its own investigation into the scandal!

Isn't it ironic that an official in an agency which routinely disarms Americans under the disingenuous guise of "keeping them safe," seems to be involved in a scheme to illegally and unethically arm his buddies, even as his agency renders every American defenseless and turns them into vulnerable prey every time they step foot into an airport!

Isn't it about time bureaucrats like Bray, and others who apparently abuse their authority, be barred from peacefully retiring and enjoying public benefits should they be found guilty of having committed an illegal or unethical act?

Shouldn't we demand accountability and integrity from those who serve us?

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