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We're doing something a little different with today's alert. So much great information and so many helpful links have dropped into the JPFO mailbox lately that we've decided to compile an assortment of articles for your reading pleasure. Then we went in search of a few great classic Second Amendment pieces to spice up the mix -- and here you go!

Legal arguments

In April, the Harvard Law Review devoted an uncommon amount of ink to Second Amendment issues. You can read more here. We thought the following two commentaries were the most interesting.

David B. Kopel asks, "Does the Second Amendment Protect Firearms Commerce?"

And famous gun-rights attorney Alan Gura examines "The Second Amendment as a Normal Right."

Around the Internet

The National Review ponders why victim-disarmament groups change their names and their staffs faster than reality TV stars change their clothes.

On his blog, David Hardy has an update on the latest movement in Peruta, one of the major cases covered by the Harvard Law Review

Basics and Classics: Easy Second Amendment Ammo!

Whether new or old, some useful information just never goes out of style. Everything in this section provides great ammo for gun-rights discussions.

Lawrence Vance offers 10 talking points on the Second Amendment.

You may have seen this classic gun-rights piece by well-known science fiction writer Michael Z. Williamson. But it's gotten even bigger and better since it was first published in 1999: "Amazing What One Has to Believe to Believe in Gun Control" -- (this was the up-to-date piece, now showing an error). An original version can be found here.

Yet another great science fiction and fantasy writer, Larry Correia, wrote this five-part article just days after the Sandy Hook shootings. Larry, who was a gun dealer and firearms instructor before becoming a red-hot Hugo-nominated writer, has a lot to say that's more relevant than ever now that the gun haters are coming back in full force.

From 2013: Bob Rainville considers the role of language and urges us to take back the moral high ground in defense of the Second Amendment.

JPFO's Greatest Hits

We also scanned our own website and chose a handful of classic JPFO articles for your pleasure and enlightenment.

Rabbi Dovid Bendory reminds us what the sixth commandment really means in, "The Ten Commandments, Killing, and Murder."

L. Neil Smith writes on the economics of gun rights and individual liberty.

Neil also reminds us that when it comes to mass murder "Hitler was a Piker" compared with some of his fellow left-wing dictators. (And yes, Hitler was a left-winger.)

Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman wrote this article about the dangers of a so-called "fair tax" nearly 10 years ago. But since the terrible idea of a national sales tax continues to raise its ugly head periodically, we thought it was time for another look. There are two other JPFO pages related to this article here and here. And yes, this does relate to gun rights -- and many other rights, as well.

Finally, let us never forget the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, when armed Americans took their local government back from corrupt politicians.

Want an easy way to keep track of what's going on, not only here at JPFO, but in the gun-rights world? Check out JPFO's brand new Twitter feed!

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