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I may or may not be Jewish( I like to think that I am), but if the Nuremburg laws were enacted here today, I would be carted off just like any other Jew. My father was Jewish, and I'm very proud of that fact. My father was also a WW II veteran and taught me to shoot. May G_d bless you and your organization! NEVER AGAIN!!!
Christopher H

I just found your web site by accident and I was amazed to view such a GREAT web site on the internet. Keep up the exceptional work by spreading the truth and the American way of life the way it's supposed to be, not the way the corrupt politicians want it to be. May the God above (not allah) continue to bless you and your staff and protect you from the evil ones which are destroying the world in which we live in. I'm not Jewish but my Messiah is. I'm a Christian who supports you and your web site. Stay well and stay safe.
Nick N

Dear Webmaster, I'm enormously appreciative beyond words for the Special Forces letter. This is certainly one of the best I've ever read. It is obviously well written. As you are a primarily Jewish organization,you are a shining light on the horizon for us non-Jews. Jews have historically suffered severely when slaughtered by Jack Boots. History has led to a robust assertiveness on the part of the JPFO and Israel. God Bless You,
Charles C

Glad you are there. I'm Jewish (though not at all religious - what can I say. I'm honest.) I am from California. 'nuff said. I am SO happy to see some 2A supporting Jews - it seems we are big thought and movement leaders of the liberal/progressive movement. That makes me very sad, as I have diametrically opposed views, now, though I didn't always. (I was raised typically liberal Jewish in San Francisco, but 9/11 changed me by 180 degrees.) Anyway, I would love for there to be a JPFO in California, but I unfortunately do not have time or experience to start one. Use my donation as best you see fit, but if I can influence it at all, please make sure to send DVDs to some California synagogues. Political ideology, unfortunately, has become very much like religion, and people's invested views are VERY hard to budge, even with facts and logic.
Gary Z

I was a (shooting) member for years. Then I guess I let it lapse. Sorry, I'm 84+. Your Commemorative Edition galvanized me. Thanks.
Dan, NRA Lifer and Endowment Member.

There is a possibility that my paternal grandmother was descended from German Jews. I grew up in an area with only US military television available and saw old footage of the Nuremberg trials. I cannot adequately express to you how relieved I am to see your group standing up and speaking out against extremists on the left who want nothing more than to revisit the past. It is despicable that leftists claim the Nazi's were extreme right wingers, when in fact the Nazis were the Nazi Socialist Party! I pray you continue to stand strong and speak out. Go with God.
Irene B

I am not Jewish at all but I just wanted to say right on! Keep it up if only the Jewish people of Europe had been armed they would not have died. Free people own guns.Regards,
Patrick H

I enjoy your web site and the intelligent and logical articles. I share it with all of my friends. Thanks for the standing up for the rights of all gun owners. The info is useful for both Jews and Gentiles alike. Keep up the fight.
Mike P

Keep up the great work! I have been NRA lifer for 35 years and refuse to give them more than your website when they call. NRA is interested in keeping the issue because it is a money pit for them and they like rubbing elbows in DC. I always refer their callers to JPFO.ORG for what a real pro freedom pro gun is like!!!
Martin H

That genocide chart is incontrovertible. The fact the gun control laws are listed also, in excruciating detail, makes the whole thing that much more potent. Thanks a lot for creating it.
Dana E.

To whom it may concern,
I am not Jewish, I am however, a concerned American, and feel that your organization is portraying the ideals that our forefathers, as well as my own, in a VERY positive way. I have gone over some of your website and thought I should write and tell you that I thank you for your continued efforts. It means a lot to me, not only as a Christian, but as an American to see that rights which should never be lost, are still held dear. Bravo!
It is good that we have freedom of faith, and I may not hold the same exact thoughts that you may hold on some things, at least we are bound as people to be reasonable, rational, and resolute in the protection of our human rights. You should know I was very moved and surprised that your organization was so level headed and straightforwardly educated in the history of our great nation. As a Christian American, I stand right next to you any time.
Jay F

I look forward to being a part of this wonderful organization. I am a proud Jew and a proud gun owner!
Sean T (new member).

Heard about your organization via The Shooters Log - Cheaper Than Dirt, got on your site and listened to Rabbi Dovid Bendory and it was one of the best discussions I have heard. Keep up the good work as it is going to be a rough year ahead for 2nd Amendment Patriots.
Kethy S.

This is a membership renewal (12/24/12). You are doing fantastic work. Your recent articles have been very helpful and I've been forwarding them to my anti-gun Jewish acquaintances.
Thank you again, Beth

I don't quite remember the exact path I took to your website.(most likely Google or YouTube) I do know I was looking for an alternative to the most liberal of Jews..."Getting rid of all guns will solve our problems". I thank you and your organization for being the alternative to this, and being to what my belief is a reasonable stance on guns.
Thank you again, Dave

Dear jpfo:
Thank you very much for your existence!! I feel that you are more vital than the NRA! I trust you more and read more of your e mails than that of the NRA! Thank you for being who you are you are our only hope for freedom in America. Ron K.

This donation is in response to Rabbi Bendory's recent Talking to America on the Aurora shooting. It was great that he brought up the 'other' Aurora shooting a few months ago - the one that the 'old media' fails to mention because it is against their anti-gun agenda. He also mentioned the Internet Cafe shooting in which the armed patron defended himself and the other customers. Another huge thank you to JPFO for all that you do! Douglas M, OK.

Please extend my thanks to Rabbi Bendory for his personal inscription and autograph to me. I deeply appreciate his kind and timely response. Thanks again to him and to the rest of "ya'll" (as we say down here in Georgia) for fighting for our 2A rights. Best wishes, Dr. Doug GA

Please do me the honor of having the Rebbi and/or the staff autograph( "To Doug") your letterhead/card/picture for my personal "Wall of Fame" in my home. As a proud multi-gun owning Jew I applaud your wonderful efforts to support the 2nd Amendment and more importantly our often overlooked/ignored right to defend ourselves. May Hashem bless you! Best wishes, Dr. Doug GA.

Thank you for your 2nd Amendment and gun rights work. Thomas G, SC

This donation is in response to the July 4th alert, which included the link to Mr. Zelman's excellent "An Open letter to Our fathers and Grandfathers". I have sent the alert to everyone on my mailing list, asking them to read the article. The timing of the donation, on July 4th, is also a fitting tribute to JPFO - an outstanding protector of our rights, freedoms and liberties. Keep it up, JPFO! Douglas M OK

I am extremely impressed with what I have learned so far about your organization, and what you have accomplished thus far. I am proud to be joining and supporting an entity that represents so well something I am extremely passionate about - our Second Amendment rights. I smile when I wonder what my late German-Catholic father would say if he heard I was a member of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership :) Mark B of NY

I had never heard of your group until today, but if your material is as good as it seems, I will do my best to help promote your cause. By the way, I'm a tree- hugging, dirt-worshiping Wiccan who believes that America's greatness lies in our freedom to stand up for our rights against 'all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC'! Blessings on you & you're endeavors! Janice W, TX

As always, wish I could do more, as you and the GOA are the only two groups I support now on our small income. Rabbi Bendory's words are so motivating and strong that I felt the need to offer this small amount tonight. You all are always in my prayers, and please, in your kindness, please remember my beloved wife Lynn in your own - she is still bedfast but we hope she will walk again soon. Julian H, AL

I am a life member. This donation is a response to Rabbi Bendory's recent informative and inspirational video (e-mail from May 17). Please tell Rabbi Bendory thank you for all that he does for JPFO and for our country AND of course, a huge thank you to everyone at JPFO! Douglas M, OK

Why would I want to pay for the NRA's miniature poodle when I can support JPFO's pit bull (Rabbi Bendory) instead! David K, TX

I heard Ted Nugent on Armed American Radio and he mentioned that anyone who cares about Freedom & 2A can join JFPO. Lawrence B, GA

Condolences on Mr. Zelman's demise. He was a terrific American. Nobody said it like him. Blessings to whoever fills his great big shoes. Robert R, OR

Very important work you are doing. It is through apathy, that we initially lose our rights. And once our rights are gone, it becomes much easier for the state to confiscate our property; and in the most extreme cases, our lives. Keep up the good fight. I'm glad you are out there. Samuel L, ON Canada

THREE CHEERS! The "Open Letter..." (to WI Jewish Chronicle) was one of the best written persuasive documents I have seen in a long time. Keep up the excellent work. Some of us gentiles need to take a lesson from you, our brothers. David N, Muscatine, Iowa.

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