Forced Relocation:
How Government "Protects" Its Subjects From Themselves

( Whether They Want It To Or Not)

By Stacy Norton



I’m going to go out on an easy limb and say that 100% of JPFO members, 100% of GOA members, and close to the same % of NRA members agree with me that disarmament always precedes forced relocation. The debate over whether it is strategically smart for Israel to pull out of Gaza will go on long after the next round of suicide bombings from Hamas. That’s not the issue, not by a long shot.

Israel could have followed an easy alternative to it’s "Nazi-lite" forced relocation of settlers. Two weeks before they drug settlers out of their homes, they collected the M-16s that were loaned to them from the government. All of this was done to implement it’s so called "land for peace" agenda, which by the way, has never, repeat never resulted in peace in all of world history. I guess the corrupt, socialist Israeli government, that has secret agreements with the longtime globalist controlled U.S. government, thinks it is going to succeed where all humans have failed since the fall of Adam! So just what is the easy alternative? Simply withdrawing it’s troops from Gaza and leaving the few gutsy settlers in their homes! Nobody has brought that one up in the controlled media have they!

We live in an era of UNIVERSAL government tyranny, where governments will "take care" of us, whether we want them to or not, by force if necessary. What I have not seen discussed ANYWHERE is the fact that Israel was forcibly removing the settlers in reality, to essentially forcibly "protect" them. Most of humanity has apparently accepted the false doctrine that government has the "right" under the "compelling state interest" theory to "protect" you whether you want it or not, and even to supposedly "protect" you from yourselves (all this while refusing to protect the pre born, but that’s another issue)! If those settlers had been allowed to stay once the Israeli army was gone (which would have been the moral approach), they would obviously have been in more danger, but clearly, humans are no longer free to make that decision for themselves.

Obviously, if the Israeli army was gone, any claims of so called "occupation" would REALLY have nothing to back it up. A few thousand settlers, who would probably stay mostly barricaded in their homes for fear of the millions of surrounding arabs after the Israeli army was gone, would hardly constitute an occupation!

What is interesting about globalist controlled governments like the U.S. and Israel, is that they will do things the hardest, most difficult way, rather than let go of this notion that citizens BELONG to the government, are the property of government, and must be shepherded by government. I can’t believe I have to point this out, but Israel could have set a deadline for troop withdrawal, and warned settlers (of the obvious) that they are on their own if they stay after Israeli troops are gone. When the deadline came, the troops would be gone, and any settlers left would be taking a chance I probably would not take, but neither I nor government has the right to tell someone that they cannot do something dangerous with their own life. The problem is, I am now apparently in the minority, as most people I meet believe that government DOES have the right to protect us from ourselves.

Nearly every state has mandatory seat belt laws where you WILL live your life the way government (and the citizens who support evil laws) says or else. Do what we say or you will be pulled over at the point of a gun and have your wages stolen in the form of a ticket. Remember it’s for your own good. The bottom line is that we are not allowed anymore to fend for ourselves and take responsibility for our own lives. Another example of this: In every state, children are snatched from parents every day by government if parents don’t want a certain medical treatment in life threatening situations. Doctors have been turned into government informants and are forced by law to snitch on you to your local Dept of Child and Family "Services" for things you might not expect.

The #1 surprise parents get is when their kids are taken by armed government storm troopers simply because they disagreed with their doctor and refused a certain medical treatment for a sick or allegedly sick child. So, if you want to keep your kids from being stolen by government and thrown into the "foster" system, where they are statistically much more likely to be abused than in the general population, be forewarned and be prepared. If you don’t want a certain treatment for your kid that the doctor/government informant wants in a life threatening situation, DO NOT tell the doctor/informant that you are "refusing" any medical treatment if the doctor believes it could be lifesaving.

If you don’t agree with the treatment or the diagnosis of your kid in life threatening situations, openly refusing a certain treatment will be treated the same by government as if you were torturing your kid in the basement. Quietly changing doctors could prevent the storm troopers from destroying your family. Literally down the street from me, a family has a son who was allegedly diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. The family did their own research and didn’t agree with the diagnosis. The doctor/government informant recommended a miserable treatment of chemotherapy that the family felt was totally unnecessary. The family refused treatment.

The doctor/informant snitched to DCFS and, (my blood boils thinking of it), the parents rights were actually terminated by an awful judge. The family wisely left the state but was unbelievably charged with kidnapping their own son! They stayed out of state, and thankfully the heavy handed state backed down, but not before the legal bills nearly bankrupted the family. This was almost three years ago. Every once in a while the pro government media updates us on the case. It’s always the same: the kid shows no signs of illness. The local media always spins it to take the focus off the fact that the parents were right and government was WRONG. If I ever get a chance to talk to this kid, I will encourage him to run for the state legislature.

The moral of the story: take responsibility for your own health and safety, and beware because government and their informants are constantly trying to do that for you, by force if necessary, whether you want them to or not! If you’re lucky, they’ll only drag you out of your house.


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