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JPFO has received many comments/endorsements about "No Guns For Jews" of which we show a selection on this page .  Be sure you have seen the film and/or downloaded your own copy from here.


For all of you looking for a telling and dramatic way to reach undecided or mildly anti friends and acquaintances the folks at Jews for the Protection of Firearms Ownership have produced a disturbing video. This will be controversial to some but it is a useful tool that should generate discussion and, perhaps, thought.

I advise sending it to folks who are slightly on each side of the middle in the view about how benign/helpful government is.

HSO, moderator,

Western Missouri Shooters Alliance members in the audience at the theater cheered when the groups name rolled by in the Producer's Circle. They were proud to have been associated with such a powerful presentation. Gun control in every country that has enacted it has seen it turn out very badly for some segment of the population, and it's never been the criminals. Civilian or Government criminals both seem to favor Gun Control. The point about God's law versus Man's law was very well made, and unique. My Pastor will be getting a copy of this, and I would urge others to share it with theirs. JPFO does the best job of getting us good material to inform the mis-informed and spread the word about the high cost of tyranny. Thanks JPFO!

Sheila Stokes-Begley, President Western Missouri Shooters Alliance.

-- Let Freedom Ring!

Excellent video. I can't recommend it enough - for liberals who refuse to understand how important our Second Amendment is. Made me understand why my Jewish friends think a weapon will jump out of the drawer, turn itself around and go off all by itself. Aaron Zelman has done a wonderful job at explaining the "victimhood" of ...

meadowhawk -

JPFO members have once again made a great contribution to freedom for all gun owners. Enjoy the film - & pay close attention to the strategy we have created for you to use to put our enemies on the defensive and in doing so, abolish "gun control". For the first time, JPFO is able to offer larger video file downloads, including an .iso image file which will let you burn free DVD copies for friends and family.

Armed Polite Society post.

This is a great video, about 40 minutes long. I looked and didn't see it posted before. It's not just for our Jewish brothers, it's for all brothers in arms. Remember, Germany started their gun registration with the economic collapse of the Weimar Republic. (where are we on that economic scale?) When Hitler rose to power, he already had a list of firearms owner's. They simply went around to collect them, if you didn't produce your gun, you were shot on the spot. Please watch this and pass it on to your friends and enemies.

From a Bersa Chat Forum post.

Well, Aaron, another winner in "No Guns for Jews"..

Edwin Vieira

Excellent video. I will be sending it to my Jewish liberal friends, my conservative friends - it will definitely get around. Thank you, Mr. Zelman. I don't know how this can be ignored.

YouTube viewer.

Every person in the U.S. and beyond needs to watch this video ("NO GUNS FOR JEWS") and the other videos JPFO has produced. Pass them to all family and friends, now, not next week before history repeats itself. AGAIN.

D.L. Arizona

This film shows how the people of America are being slowly turned into what Germany was in the 30's and that is not right nor good for the American people.

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As of now, I have watched the DVD "No Guns for Jews" twice. In some ways, it's a bit difficult to watch, but I think we (all of us) do need to be kept reminded of the horrors of the Holocaust. As a non-Jew, I cannot understand why, by and large, the Jewish community is so anti-gun, anti-self protection, and anti being able to protect themselves and their families in the event of a criminal attack.

This is a very well made message for the entire world to see, because history tells us that government gun confiscation is always followed by mass murder by the government who disarmed their citizens.

Mari Thompson, president Second Amendment Sisters, Inc

Wow. Awesome series and not just for Jews. It's good to see people coming at the gun control problems from different perspectives. Some great info in here.


Just Released: No Guns for Jews!   If you haven't seen No Guns for Negroes yet, you must click here and get your copy from JPFO. These cage rattling, professional documentaries should be shown in every high school civics class. Get them. Watch them. Share them.

The FirearmsCoalition

It's so PATHETICALLY short-sighted for ANYONE to think it's better to be defenseless than to have means to defend oneself. If ANYONE should possess the perspective to see that it should be Jews.

YouTube viewer.

Thank you.  A must see. See over & over if need be till you under stand just what the points are here!

YouTube viewer.

Awesome series!! Thanks for posting these.

YouTube viewer.


YouTube viewer.

You really "want" to see this excellent 40 minutes of filming, in 5 parts. And recommend it to many others.

Hooray for the producers at JPFO; WELL DONE!


This is a great video, about 40 minutes long. It's not just for our Jewish brothers, it's for all brothers in arms.

Florida Shooters Forum

The BEST videos I've seen on the subject of Gun Control with video footage you've probably NEVER seen before...Below are 5 excellent quality videos about the dangers of Gun Control presented by JEWS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF FIREARMS OWNERSHIP (JPFO). They are very critical of their fellow Jews in the U.S. Congress who want to take away every American's right of self defense...

Moonshadow, BBS

First in a series of excellent videos from the JPFO. The arguments which are proposed apply equally to us. ("First" refers to Part one of the video, Webmaster)

Post from

Pulling punches is not Aaron Zelman's style. He knows that this business of citizen disarmament is far too serious, with far too evil ultimate consequences, to not speak candidly and plainly. The memory of the victims of the past demands it. “No Guns for Jews” is a way to honor their memory.

David Codrea. (, War on Guns Blogspot)

" No Guns for Jews" like all of JPFOs work forces us to confront the ugly truth and deadly serious threats to our lives and the lives of our loved ones that we face from the power of the State every day.

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No Guns for Jews is an eye opener for those who are supporters of gun control. It is packed with information that should change some mindsets. For the proponents of gun rights it gives facts and arguments you can use when talking about gun rights with others.

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As a child, learning of the holocaust, my first question to my Dad, who was a veteran of WWII, was why didn't the Jewish people fight back? He explained that the laws took their guns away. Every Jew in America needs to see "No Guns For Jews". If "NEVER AGAIN" is to mean anything, then these Jewish anti-gun groups need to study history and their own Torah.

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"No Guns for Jews" has a very strong message about why we can never give up our rights to defend ourselves. I recommend that you watch this and pass it along to your friends and relatives.

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Sure. The film, with a high level of technical sophistication, clearly brings home the message that one is respondible for defense of self, family and others and that only firearms provide a viable defense means.

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If you believe that a repeat of the Pogroms against the Jews during the 1930s and 1940s cannot happen again, or that the ghetto herding of any peoples on this Earth cannot possibly happen in our modern world, take a few minutes to be shocked into reality. "No Guns for Jews" is about more than just the loss of freedoms for Jews, or the extermination of them as a people, it reaches across all borders, cultures and ethnicities, and could be a documentary about you if you allow our 2nd Amendment freedoms and rights in America to be taken by piecemeal legislation, force, or through promises of a false messiah assuring you of personal security. You are responsible for yourself and your family. Learn why guns have to be a part of you future and security.

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It's good to see that there are still some 'Old Testament' Jews around. We have way too many over-educated but reality challenged 'modern' Jew that love to wallow in their victimhood. Perhaps just a few of these pathetic fools will watch the film and wake up to the world as it really is.

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"No Guns for Jews" calls out those who would create a population of victims under the guise of protecting those same people. It is thinking like this, which allowed for the atrocities of The Holocaust, and would ensure that another would happen. Only by standing firm against those who disarm us, can we hope to be safe. Politicians promise safety, but personally owned arms provide it, and JPFO is always at the forefront of that battle.

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No Guns for Jews is a very informative film and an important tool in retaining/restoring our God-given right of self defense.

For life and liberty,
David Macko, Libertarian Candidate for State Representative, Ohio House District 17


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