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Methods for Download:

BitTorrent is a great new way to download large files more quickly and with fewer errors than other means.  It is suggested for use by advanced computer users ideally, or if you already have a torrent client installed. The process is widely used and safe, just like a browser or regular FTP client, but it does need set up properly. Useful information is available here on Another quite comprehensive help and FAQ page can be found here.

To download via this fast new method, you will need to either install a torrent client (preferred) or, you can use a significantly slower browser-based version to get your downloads if you are not at ease with the torrent client method.  Important .... if using torrent for first time and so far unfamilar ...... please consult the help documentation in advance. The uTorrent page for beginners can be a useful starting point and also the uTorrent FAQ.

1) Recommended torrent client for Windows : There is a quick-start guide on the right side of that web page, as well as further information here.

2) Recommended torrent client for Mac : There is a quick-start guide on the right side of that web page, as well as further information here.

3) Recommended torrent client for Linux :

Help is available for Transmission from here.

4) The Browser option is slower, but still faster than standard download methods. You will need Java installed to use this method. You can see if you have Java installed by checking at the Java site here, and in the very rare case you don't have it, or it's out of date, you can upgrade from there.

You will see the following when you choose the "Browser Option", sequence left to right —

This is what you should see as the first stage - with your chosen file name displayed. Wait for a permissions dialog to follow.
The signature is validated so click "Run".
Your simplest option is to select "Desktop" and then "Save".
Your download should now commence, with progress showing as a percentage and size remaining etc.



Starting Your Download:

Please leave your torrent client (either browser window, or uTorrent / Transmission, etc.) open after downloading in order to help JPFO get this film to as many people as possible! The more 'in-the-loop' the better for all.

Direct Torrent file method: This is the preferable method, and It also helps spread the word while getting the fastest possible downloads. The 720x480 version high resolution file is approximately one gigabytes in size and the DVD .iso image version is approximately two gigabytes in size.

"I want some speed, but I don't have / can't install a torrent client". Then follow the directions shown above in this page for how to use the Bitlet download method. The following links will initiate your download sequence:


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