Red Light, Green Light

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By Kirby Ferris
(with included survey - closes end 2/24/11)

Copyright 2011, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

“Anyone who is lawfully adjudicated unfit to carry a firearm should not be on the street in the first place. They should be in prison or in a mental institution. We’ve thrown the baby (our personal liberties) out with the bathwater, making us helpless to protect ourselves from armed criminals and lunatics. And who promotes this delusional illogic the most fervently? Politicians and the law enforcement hierarchy.”     JPFO Founder Aaron Zelman

Is America going to return to a pre 1968 “gun control” policy? Realistically we have to acknowledge that the consensus isn’t there yet. Maybe someday. And even better would be pre 1934!

In the meantime, let’s take a pragmatic look at how to actually attempt to, quote: “Keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the insane”. Mind you, what follows is NOT an official JPFO stance. We’re opening this to debate. We would like to solicit your comments.

Here’s one proposal.

If you are a lawfully adjudicated dangerous nut (and for some strange reason still walking amongst us), or a convicted violent felon who has served his time, your driver license, or MANDATORY CITIZEN IDENTIFICATION CARD, has a red border. Red means “stop”. Got it? This is your “Red Light I.D.”

You attempt to buy a gun at a gun shop, present your “Red Light Identification” and the cops get a call. It’s off to the mental ward or back to jail for you, pal.

The rest of us (the other 99.999 percent) have green bordered Citizen Identification Cards. These are called “Green Light Identification”.

Now before all you Libertarians jump down my throat, here’s the deal. You are not required to carry you Citizen I.D. card at all times. But, just like buying a beer in a quick stop market, and you look underage, you had  better be able to produce that Green Light I.D. if you want to buy a gun.

IMPORTANT: No recording of the firearm serial number along with your name!

No expanding database waiting for our own homegrown Lenin, Stalin, Hitler or Mao to make good use of the gun owner registry.

Show your Green Light I.D. and buy a gun as simply as buying a fishing reel. Obviously, if you are under 18 it’s a “no go”.

Green border is okay. Red border is not okay. Just like buying beer or cigarettes.

Ah! I hear howls of dissent from some of the Law Enforcement folks. “We won’t be able to trace crime weapons!”

So what?

That red herring is way, way overblown. Like criminals shoot people and then drop the gun at the scene of the crime like someone tosses a chewing gum wrapper? Gun Owners of America, and even the NRA, have probably done exposés on “gun trace” stat puffing (ala Mexican scamming of late).

BOTTOM LINE: What’s the actual gun trace to conviction ratio?

Friends, this is just more bureaucracy building at the expense of our personal liberties.

I now seriously suspect that gun traces are likely an overblown crock. Most of the aura is television and movie script blather, promoted by a liberal controlled entertainment industry that is massively anti-gun. You’ve got to realize that the Cultural Marxists will use ANY tactic or technique to manipulate us towards their goal: Near complete citizen disarmament like in the UK.

Also: The authoritarian cops in our nation want us to buy into anything that lessens our power and strengthens theirs. (As I’ve written recently, this is only five percent of law enforcement, but far too many of these control freaks are in high positions of power.)

Nope, I’ll gladly present my Green Light I.D. when I want to buy a gun. What’s wrong with that? No BATFE Forms to fill out. No “background check”. I’m green, I’m clean.

Yes, it is a “National Identity Card”.

So what?

Do any of you really think you’re living some kind of secret life here in present day America? Give me a break.

Sure, illegal aliens won’t like it (at all). Open borders, and the present mass illegal invasion of America, are key tactics of the Cultural Marxists.

Convicted violent felons won’t like it. Nut jobs (if they can even understand the situation) won’t like it. Underage kids who want a .22 to go plinking, or a 9mm to stick in their saggy pants won’t like it.

So what?

The country kid can use his dad’s .22. The gang banger can get a gun the old fashioned way: steal it or buy it on the street.

Let's face it, we’ve all basically had “National I.D.” since Social Security cards. Get real. Give me my “Green Light Card” and let me get on with my life with a bit more freedom, thank you.

And then remove the names of ALL American gun owners from the BATFE databases, and send those evil gun registries to burn in cyber hell.

The above is one potential improvement. Again this is NOT JPFO’s official stance.

Please use our survey system and give us your opinion (now closed). Your responses may be kept anonymous if you wish.
(Go to this page to read comments from the survey.)

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

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