Signs of Things to Come?

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By Kirby Ferris

Copyright 2009, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

The relatively recent Oakland, California shooting of four police officers by an illegally armed felon on parole, and using a semi automatic rifle, fell short of the “gun control” crowd’s more comfortable formula. You see, it was already illegal for the paroled felon in Oakland to be in possession of any kind of firearm.

However, the immediately recent shooting deaths of three Pittsburgh, Pennysylvania police officers has “assault rifles” back in the news big time. This tragedy certainly has far more spin potential for the victim disarmament vermin in Congress and the mainstream media.

Apparently Richard Poplawski was a visitor and poster on a right wing, anti-Jewish website. He listened to “conspiratorialist” radio shows and watched controversial YouTube videos.

In the days ahead, watch the insidious twist that this will take in the mainstream media.

You MUST understand that there is a hidden, almost subliminal, message in these pronouncements about Poplawski:

“If you own a semi automatic rifle, an “assault rifle”, you are just like Richard Poplawski. You are a “right wing nut”, “anti-Semitic”, “delusional”, and, to cap it all off, a “conspiratorialist”. In short, you own a semi automatic rifle because you, like Poplawski, are CRAZY and PARANOID!”

In the days ahead, every effort will be made to shame American gun owners with this sort of thinly veiled innuendo.

“No one needs an “assault rifle”! What are you so afraid of? What are you planning?”

Have any of you out there ever heard any of those?

Additionally, we’re again barraged with the somber declarations from police spokesmen: “We’re out gunned!”

This is simply not true. In fact it is a blatant lie. Virtually every major municipality has access to federally funded full auto firearms.

Another simple reality: The three dead cops at Poplawski’s door could have been shot just as dead with a pistol. And, maybe they were. Autopsy reports haven’t, at this time, answered that.

“Outgunned”? Well, if cops believed they are “outgunned” why do they just carry handguns? I don’t mean to be flip here, but if I were a cop, and I truly believed I was “outgunned”, I’d have an AR or Mini 14 over my shoulder … or at least in my patrol car.

Back to this Pittsburgh incident. We know what to expect from most politicians and most police chiefs: Loud cries for semi automatic rifle registration followed by confiscation.

In a previous article "You Were Warned" I predicted two upcoming scenarios involving semi automatic rifles:

1. A white “gun nut” massacres white victims, putting the “soft” opinioned, mostly white, gun owners in a “roll over” frame of mind regarding semi auto rifle bans.

2. A white “racist” mows down a group of innocent black victims, putting the “racist” card in the “gun control” debate more deeply into play. For a scathing expose of the anti gun political pimps in the black community watch for JPFO’s upcoming documentary “No Guns For Negroes”.

But I now must admit that I had overlooked an obvious third possibility, and perhaps the most dangerous one for gun ownership:

3. The murder of a number of police officers by either a white or black assailant (white would be more effective, propaganda-wise) with a semi automatic rifle. “Gun nut”, “paranoid” Richard Poplawski sure fits the bill, doesn’t he?

Remember “cop killer bullets”? Multiply that times a thousand.

If the mass of police officers in America can be instilled with an overriding fear of semi automatic rifles in the hands of the citizenry, then a major barrier obstructing the desecration of the Second Amendment has been removed.

Semi auto rifle registration and confiscation can then proceed with vigor and righteous indignation from the elitist authoritarians who would see you disarmed.

WARNING: Be very suspicious whenever cops start politicking for more “gun control”. Because when the police make the laws? That’s what is called a Police State. Think about it.

Therefore: Now would be a very appropriate time for all American police officers to re-assert their vow to obey and uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and that means they will absolutely refuse to participate in any gun registration and confiscation scheme.

If your local cops can be persuaded to trample the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights (the personal right to significant armed self defense against tyranny in government) then the gun prohibitionists will truly be at the goal line.

You must see JPFO’s “2A Today for the U.S.A.”. You must understand why the Second Amendment is so important to our freedom. This is a free download. Free. Get it? Okay, then watch it … and pass it along to friends and family.

Even more importantly, your local police officers must see this video. Will they just blindly follow orders? Or will they stand tall and refuse to aid in the disarmament of Americans?

If the police go on “gun roundups”, the American people will never trust them again.

Is this Pittsburgh event, as sordid and malevolent as it seems to be, actually a sign of things to come in America?

Is it is only a matter of time (blatantly ignoring Ruby Ridge and Waco) before an entirely unlawful action by, for instance the goons in the BATFE ( see - the Gang Site,  The Gang Movie Trailer,  purchase "The Gang" DVD ), results in some American JUSTIFIABLY defending him or herself with a semi automatic rifle?

IN CLOSING: If you do not already own a high capacity semi automatic rifle, you had better get down to your local gun shop or gun show as quickly as you can … and while you still can.

The writing is on the wall. Failure to so arm yourself may someday become a vitally relevant I.Q. test.

Frequent JPFO contributor and strategist, Kirby Ferris collaborated intensively with Aaron Zelman over the last two years. Ferris is now the Operations Manager of JPFO.

See all of Kirby Ferris’ articles.

© Copyright Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

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