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By L. Neil Smith. February 10th, 201p. (lneil@netzero.com)
Attributed to L.Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

The twenty-seven simple, easily-understood words of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution have not proven clear and forceful enough to protect and defend the right it concerns, especially given its ideological enemies who willfully misunderstand it.

In the face of (1) the recent rise of socialism, that evil, destructive belief-system our fathers and grandfathers fought to the death against in World War II, in Korea, and in Vietnam, and (2) the general collapse in America of the rule of law, the Second Amendment has become especially important to the survival of our nation, our society, and ourselves. The additional laws (below) are meant to reinforce this all-important Constitutional right.

Because "gun control" -- a more accurate term being "victim disarmament" -- greatly weakens the ability of the people to preserve the security of their free state, any attempt to establish it in the law amounts to nothing less than treason -- offering aid and comfort to the many enemies of liberty, both foreign and domestic -- for which the traditional punishment is death by hanging. It has been suggested that the customary canvas bag over the head be dispensed with for the occasion, and that a Navy-style execution -- where the criminal is hoisted into the air by the neck -- be substituted for a more merciful broken neck at the end of a drop through a trapdoor. Treason is not an offense that warrants mercy.

Politicians who, virtually every year since the 1930s, have violated their oath if office by extorting and terrorizing the American people in an attempt to limit or damage their Second Amendment rights -- which are supposed to have been secured and guaranteed to them by the Constitution -- must, at the very least, be severely fined and imprisoned whenever they introduce, sponsor, pass, or attempt to enforce victim disarmament laws. As has been suggested before, Alcatraz might be reopened as a prison reserved for anti-Constitutional politicians, bureaucrats, and police officers. Tourists on excursion boats might pay handsomely to chum the shark-infested waters surrounding the island. Those criminals who have passed away since committing their crimes must be exhumed and reburied without ceremony in a prison graveyard.

The often-touted Heller decision rendered by the 2008 Supreme Court is incompetent and deeply flawed, enshrining, as it does, past infringements on the uniquely American right of the individual to own and carry weapons, instead of properly striking down and abolishing such abominations. It places illegitimate limitations on that right, establishing government powers over it which do not exist within the law, and would not, given proper recognition of the amendment's purpose.

It is famously true that "The power to tax is the power to destroy". That being the case, all taxes on the manufacture, distribution, purchase, or ownership of weapons -- including edged weapons -- as well as ammunition and accessories, must be completely eliminated. Criminal charges must be leveled against all those who imposed them to begin with.

Every federal law that bears on firearms is unconstitutional and must be repealed, rescinded, or otherwise disposed of. State laws are alo unconstitutional, but will require separate handling. Not having been mentioned in the Second Amendment to begin with, all "background checks" of any kind, intended to deny rights to those considered "undesirable" -- including whatever they happen to have written on social media -- must go. Under a proper reading of the Second Amendment, permission need not be obtained from any level of government, to obtain, own, or carry weapons, as this, too, defeats the purpose of the amendment.

It will be a felony, in the absence of due process involving arrest for a proper crime like robbery, rape, murder, or some other heinous act, to seize privately-owned weapons, or to allow them to become damaged in storage by neglect or misuse, to be stolen by corrupt officials, or to be destroyed en masse. Weapons seized in such arrests must be immediately turned over to the arrestee's next of kin, or stored in a place and manner agreeable to the owner. When a criminal is released from incarceration, having presumably been "rehabilitated" by the system, his full rights must be restored to him, including the right to own and carry weapons.

Generous subsidies and discounts will be paid by the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Departments of Justice and Defense, to any American who acquires and becomes proficient with military-grade rifles, shotguns, and pistols, and who carries them consistently, thereby eliminating skyjackings and reducing domestic crime and the likelihood of foreign invasion.


It will be illegal to establish "gun-free" zones, since these inevitably become "self-defense-free" zones and free-fire zones for mass-murderers.

No law shall be made limiting the sale or export of small arms to the residents or governments of other, non-hostile countries.

Unless you are a collector, cataloguing your own collection, an insurer of that collection, or a manufacturer who requires such numbers to manufacture guns, it will be a felony to maintain registries or lists of firearms serial numbers.

The United Nations, which viciously opposes private weapons ownership, will be required to surrender all of its American holdings and exit the U.S., once its outstanding fees and fines are paid in full.


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