By Richard Busch. December 28, 2020
JPFO Ambassador

These days, most everyone has an opinion on current events and the body politic. Many are well-informed, more, not so much. Too many other folks just hate. That's all they know and all they care to know. A great many of us know others who fancy themselves (on an unconscious level) as make believe radio and TV pundits, without the radio and TV, always looking for an audience to "broadcast" to. Give them a station and sponsors, and they'd be all set! In the meantime, our e-mails fly back and forth as we robotically watch the talking heads beat the hell out of each other. It's all fast and furious. And the sheep sleep, motionless. It's hard to get sheep to be awake, instead of woke.

So for many of us, frankly, it's not often that one receives something that genuinely deserves to be passed along. In this case, it's a response from a friend of mine, Dr. Chip Gallo, who besides his many other professional achievements, is a firearm instructor. I had sent him personal greetings for the holiday season. Here is his response. Discover for yourself, his two words!



Thank you for your kind words. I hope Hanukkah, earlier in the month, went well for you. While we have faced many challenges over the years, this next year portends to be the biggest challenge ever. Considering how problematic 2020 was, we may end up thinking back on 2020 with fond nostalgia compared to what is yet to come.

As a firearm instructor I have been used to telling people to stay safe. Well I changed that. The carrot quest for the illusion of safety has been used for mass manipulation and control of Americans and in fact the rest of the world population as well. Fear as you know is a primary emotion and using it as cleverly as has been done has had a powerful effect in creating, in my opinion a consensual delusional construct, the consequences of which has resulted in extreme damage to our Republic, our Constitution, and our Freedom - these are all on life support right now. So to hell with the safety - living a free life entails risk. So instead of Stay Safe, I now say Stay Free.

Stay Free,


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